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Everything you have about the Lord of the Rings: The battle starts to know

The Lord of the Rings: Rise to was a strategy game for Android and iOS, which in the well-known universe of J.r.r. Tolkien plays and brings the Warner Bros. License. In German, the Lord of the Rings is called: The battle begins. So it promises many well-known faces and a great world. But what is still in the battle begins?

What is this for a game? In the battle begins a strategy game, which also brings together social aspects. So you not only have to set up an army to storm Sauron s old fortress Dol Guldur, but also manage your own companions.

You decide you for one of ten factions with whom you want to fight in Middle earth. Each faction has its own advantages as well as your own commissioners. These are known characters from the films and books, such as Faramir or Aragorn.

The strategy laughing is then about resources and finally about taking the enemy basis while you defend your own. Here, you gradually turn off new ability by improving your own magical ring. Directly in the tutorial you even get explained by Gandalf, how it works. Saruman jumps in the evil faction.

The game should also be divided into several seasons, so that existing alliances and hostilities are repeatedly rehabilitated, which always remains exciting.

More information about the Lord of the Rings: The battle starts

What costs the game? The battle starts is basically playable for free. The title then offers an Ingame shop in which various items are offered.

What are the ratings out? In the Google Play Store, the Game scores, mind you over 21,000 reviews, 4.3 out of 5 points. Overall, the game, which appeared on September 23, has already been downloaded over a million times.

Especially the pretty graphic and the faces of the actors from the films are highly praised in the reviews.

Who comes? The title is developed by the developer and Publisher Netease Games, which is known, among other things, for the Games Immortal Conquest and Naraka BladePoint.

Netease also works with the development of Blizzard s Diablo Immortal, so you can say that the studio has already experience with titles for the smartphone. Especially in the Asian market, they are extremely successful and belong to the largest video game publishers there.

Tactical variety in gameplay

How does it play? First and foremost, it s about gamingplay to collect and manage resources. This does not happen as with most strategy games in your city, but on the surrounding resource fields.

Each resource box under your control then produces for you and can be expanded. But since your areas have limited many fields, you would like to fall into the war sooner or later to conquer new areas.

But you can also connect with other players and start a community to share resources. But you can only play together with players who fight on your side.

What brings war? Mostly it costs war more than he also brings to resources primarily. So it is not necessarily advisable to create yourself with other players.

In the long run, of course, this can make sense because your country can conquer and then drag resources. Wars should be inevitable in the later gameplay, as is a guild needed to effectively pull the battle.

What is the goal? While the game relies on spontaneous events that are triggered by the community, like the wars, there is also a parent goal. This goal is to change in the different phases of a season and thus always bring new goals and motivations.

This then ensures a mix of story, specified gaming experience and community influence on the game world, which by the way is divided into several realms or servers.

After the end of a season, one will be rewarded as a player for his achieved success and starts fresh to the next season. Then you will then throw with other servers in a pot so that new compositions arise every season. You can then play another group in each of the temporary units.

Factions play a big role

Which factions are there? Overall, you can play 10 different factions from Central Earth, which bring all your own advantages and commander. Each faction also belongs to one of the pages well or evil and has a fixed capital from which you start your campaign. The political groups and their bonuses briefly explained:

Gondor (good) - The land of stones is known for its good defensive and brings the unique unity of Swan knights. She also builds 5% faster than everyone else as a gondor. Mordor (evil) - the land of darkness is known for the pure evil. In the game, it offers a good offensive, which is still improved by its special unit. Mordor produces 5% more resources than the rest. Rohan (good) - The land of horse dresses is also ideal for the offensive. Your special unit is Marshal, a faster and mountain warrior. With Rohan, your troops move 3% faster. Lotlorien (good) - The country of Elves is particularly strong in the offensive. Your special unit is the marauder that can cause massive damage to long-distance fight. Commander of Lotlorien get 5% more experience. Erebor (good) - The home of the dwarf plays into the battle starts a defensive role. Also your special unit, the iron warrior, is particularly difficult to kill. Units in Erebor are formed 5% faster. Isengard (evil) - The land of one of the black towers forms the defensive of the evil side. You are hard to take with your special unit Snaga Thrak. Isengard also has 10% smaller troop costs. Lindon (good) - The Holy Land of the high elbors is a more balanced group in the battle begins. Your special unit is the Noldor s longbow shooter, which is of course specializing in distance. Lindon expands 10% more wood than his comrades. Arnor (good) - The land of the forest runners also signs out as a balanced power of the good side. Your special unit is the forest runner. Arnor pays 5% less for all buildings. Angmar (evil) - The land of the witch king and the Ringgeister is one of the offensive fractions. Your special unit is the fallen, which can also share harm. Angmars units cause 5% more damage to enemy cities. Rhun (evil) - the land of the eastern people who also join evil as an offensive force of evil. Her special unit is the war award car, which crashes particularly fast on his enemies. As Rhun, it benefits from 5% faster endurance regeneration.

How do the factions work? Each of the factions has a firm starting point and its own capital, so it is predetermined where you start on the map. Therefore, there are also fractions that are more difficult for new players from the outset.

For example, the Elves of Lotlorien start directly between two factions of the evil side and thus have a more difficult start as a Rohan, which are considered one of the lightest starting fractions.

Each faction also has commissioners that you can level up with time. Then you can then connect a community. These communities are the social aspect of Lord of the Rings: The battle begins, because in the long run, you should depend on interaction with other players.

More information about the Lord of the Rings: The battle starts

Well-known faces as commissioners of your armies

How do the commanders work? With each of the factions you get to start a selected commander, but you can unlock more. These commissioners are not bound directly to your group, just to the side where they play. So there are good and evil commander, which you can then use for your armies.

The commissioners specialize in buffing a specific type of units and supporting them. So you should always pay attention to what command habor you get along with what units. He can often make the crucial difference.

What do the commanders do? Your commanders not only get up, can be stronger and unlock new bonuses, they have to equip them so they will be properly effective. Especially at the beginning you should focus on getting your commanders quickly.

A degree of step of a commander brings the associated army as much as 100 carpers or 50 mounted units. For many of the terrain fields, you need a high combat value to conquer and take them. A strong commander is then a good choice.

How do you like the battle starts? Have you already played the new mobile strategy game or do you feel like now only really to try the game?


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