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New World accidentally gives away up to 300,000 gold to player - now brings rollback

Ebony (formerly known as Colony) is an Adobe Flash-based multiplayer online game by American programmer Ebony LLC with graphic components reminiscent of other similar actual time games and is set in the European Middle Ages amount of time. Two browser-based variations (Age 1 as well as Age 2) along with a mobile variation (The King's Return) exist.

inner World occurred in the latest update to a strange bug. Players should be compensated for the high taxes for their home, but some were given huge amounts of gold. Meanwhile, a rollback has been confirmed for the characters.

What happened exactly? Today a new update was released that the players should return taxes paid for houses. Because due to bugs around the housing, the users were most recently severely limited. Which was used for item-Dupes, so that the developers had to disable the content part.

Therefore, taxes on homes were reduced by 90% and the quasi retroactive to patch 1.1.

For the houses taxes of between 5% and 20% of the housing costs actually incurred, depending on how high the owner of the settlement was set this. So at best, you pay 250 gold a week, in the worst case 4000.

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But players in Europe have partially got too high compensations. This involves sums of up to 300,000 gold. This took advantage of some players to simply buy the trading post empty or especially to level new characters quickly. The bug seems to have occurred but only with us.

How did Amazon? After just under 2 hours have taken offline, the developers all European servers and an emergency maintenance performed. The straight is still ongoing.

The forum was, however, confirmed that there will be a rollback and the players the gold and the materials are not retained.

rollback for all affected characters, but not everyone likes that

What the developers say exactly? In post by Community Manger Touch says that the characters involved are reset. He says (via New World Forum):

Our investigation takes with respect to the defective dollars' compensation. In addition, we work on a reset for all affected characters.

We can not estimate how long it will last moment, were until all work has been completed — but as soon as there is more news, we will inform you.

New World INSANE FREE GOLD COINS BUG - 400k+ FREE GOLD COINS To Players After Latest Patch Update So who has played with a character from the Gold Bug was affected, which can be expected that the progress will be lost within 2 hours.

Would be possible also that there is an entire server rollback, after all, the trading post of the problems are affected.

Find all the idea of ​​a rollback well? No, the forum there is a very small group of players who even endorses the distribution of gold. The player BRITISHERS about claims that the community as a whole would benefit from the bow (via New World Forum):

Players who get the gold, were able to buy Level and Mats Players who have sold Mats, now have a lot of gold Players who had anything anyway offered for sale are interested not in much gold

This reasoning may sound absurd, but in fact there are in New World still relatively few sources to come quickly to gold. Thus, there is also relatively little gold in the game, which pushes the prices of materials down and led to an economic crisis.

Perfect the argument but did not arrive for most users in the forum. They rather see someone who has finally gotten gold, and it does not want to lose.

How long the emergency maintenance goes? There are as no statement. But we will keep you in the old product to date.

Server Down at New World — Europe has big problems with the new update


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