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Offline Gusta, which is held in two years,

On November 17, Gusta, the largest game show, is held. Last year, because of Corona 19, it was dedicated to online, this year, Gusta is an offline event that is held in two years, and is a big-scale event that is the first time this year is the first time this year. The expectation of the game people is higher than ever.

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This year, Gusta is not attending a large game, but it is not attending a large game, but it is scheduled to provide a large number of large companies and Jiangsu games to provide unmodified attraction. The main sponsor, Kakao Games will release a variety of new activities that will have a variety of new Ummsume Pretty Derby, which is hot, which is hot, In addition, craftone, gravity, shift-up, angel games, and Proxima Beta are large booths and welcomes visitors. BIC showcase displaying an indie game can demonstrate that in 30 kinds of interior games in 2021 booths.

In particular, due to Corona 19, the large-scale offline game event was not held this year, as well as a large-scale offline game event, and the interests of the general visiting and industry in this year are higher than ever. Gusta admission tickets sold since November 3 are already preached, and the interest of Busan citizens on large events that are held in the middle of the staged daily recovery (Weed Corona) began in November, as the steps of restoration (Weed Corona) began.

However, as Corona 19 domestic confirmation is still not falling to less than 1,000 days, the concern of a large offline event in which the visitors gathered in the nationwide. In fact, in the end of October, Halloween Day is filled with Itaewon or Hongdae, and the appearance of the citizens who enjoy the festival atmosphere, JASTA is also a challenge that a few thousand visitors are in the event of a thousands of visitors to the indoor campaign, and therefore, there is a growing awareness of the crisp, even if it is the cause of the situation where the crowd is soaring,

For this reason, the Jiga Secretariat is a plan to apply a high level of defense policy to the government policy to prevent corona 19 proliferation. A large outline is a vaccination against the immersion and PCR voice confirmation, and admission guarantee.

First, the exceeded perspective should bring a PCR voice result confirmation that it has elapsed or 14 days after the final inoculation of Corona 19 vaccination or within 3 days of the entry. If you purchased a ticket, you can not prove that you can not prove the vaccination or PCR result. The measure will be applied to the visitors over 18 years of age, and will announce a separate guide for youth visitors.

In addition, restricting persistent sites and lower the field congestion. The Gesta Ticket is divided into 10 minutes by day (3,500 sheets) and 13 o clock (2,500 sheets), and all tickets are available only through booking and do not proceed on site sales. This is limited to 6,000 visitors. Given that it was 1 2,452 people in the 2019, GaSta admission was 1,22,452, and 5,216, and 3,234, and 31,407. This year, It is 7 to 10% on weekends.

In addition, booth placement is also relaxed relative to the previous year. The exhibition space is usually up to 60%, and the copper wire and atmospheric space for compliance is further ensured. Moving and waiting space for visitors are wide and the number of visitors decreases, this year, this year, this year, it seems that the crowded landscape of Gesta, such as a long line or dense passage, is not likely to be found.


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