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Pokémon Go: Today special RAID starts

Pokemon Go takes place today, on November 27, 2021, another special RAID hour, where you will meet the legendary Pokémon Heat ran. We from Mango have regarded which counterparts your best to use and whether the event is worthwhile for you.

What is this for an event? How to know it from the weekly raid hours, you will also receive numerous Level-5 raids again today for an hour. On the occasion of the current Hoop events, daily raid hours will also take place during the day. Today, you meet the legendary Raid boss Heat ran.

Raid hour with Heat ran — best counterattack

When starts the Maidstone? How to get used to the regular RAID hours, the event starts today, on 27 November 2021, at 18:00 local time. You can see the dark eggs back in advance about the arenas that displays you the upcoming level 5-raids. After an hour, at 19:00 local time, the Raids become less.

uses these counterattacks against Heat ran

The legendary Pokémon of the type of fire and steel, comes from the 4th generation. It is particularly weak against the floor attacks, but also fighting, and water attacks make him. Uses this weakness and relies on the following counter (via

Against Heat ran are also ideal for your mega developments:

Mega-Turtok with aqua cart and aquaubeat Megafarads with cascade and hydro pump

The EASIEST Way to do ANY REMOTE RAID in Pokémon GO!

Is the Maidstone worthwhile with Heat ran?

There is Heat ran as Shiny? Yes, Heat ran is also available as Shiny in the game. You recognize it at the pink eyes and the Orangery body.

How strong is it? Heat ran can convince with strong values. It can be points above all with a high attack and endurance value, which is why it belongs to the best fire attackers in Pokémon Go. And also in the master league it is a good candidate (via

For whom pays off the RAID hour? Each of which still seeks a strong fire-pokémon for use in RAIDS or the Go-Kampfliga, which should definitely use his chance today. In addition, you have a little luck the opportunity to meet a dazzling specimen.

Alternatively, the variety of Raids offers to collect as many Heat ran sweets as possible. This requires her to highly rule a strong copy. When he is the next time it will be in the level 5 raids, is currently unknown.

Will you participate in the raid hour tonight? And which counterattack do you want to use against Heat ran? Write us your opinion here on Mango in the comments.

By the way: The Hoop event brings you new special research. We have summarized all quests and rewards to unleashed Schabernback.


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