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Quantic Dream: Rumor: The alleged Star Wars game of Detroit

Heavy Rain (literally turn rain ), additionally called Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer ( The Origami Awesome ), is a video clip game created by the French Studio Quantico Dream and published by Sony Computer Enjoyment in February 2010 on the console PlayStation 3. The game was written as well as led by David Cage, creator of The Nomad Soul, Fahrenheit, Beyond: 2 Spirits and also Detroit: End Up Being Human. Heavy Rain offers himself as an interactive thriller, an interactive film with mature motifs and the dark atmosphere in which the player is offered make selections that will certainly shape the story, the game offering 7 different functions. The story informs the crossroads of four characters who explore a serial killer. The main style is based upon the question: Exactly how far would you go to conserve the being that you such as?, Concern asked by the awesome to the father of one of the sufferers. An update of the game and also a special version Heavy Rain: Relocate Version have emerged after the launch of the PlayStation Move, which enables you to play using the movement controller. The game appeared on PlayStation 4 on March 1, 2016, graphics and also web content being boosted as well as enhanced with the previous version.

In September, first rumors emerged that Quantico Dream (Heavy Rain, Fahrenheit, Omicron: The Nomad Soul) would work on an action title from the Star Wars Universe (we reported). As the colleagues of Cameraman report to a podcast of Giant bomb, these rumors seem to be expressed as correct.

Accordingly, the title Star Wars Eclipse is said to be hot and settled in the era of the High Republic, which is only about 200 years before the events of the film episodes 1 to 3. This time was marked by a peace phase, also due to the widespread Jedi knights, which was almost without interference of the Senate in the galaxy to maintain compliance with laws.

Jeff Grubs by Giant bomb assumes that probably will soon appear somewhere. The Game Awards in December could e.g. be such an opportunity, or it could happen as part of Disney s Bring Home The Bounty campaign. He continues to lead that the game finished for a speedy announcement.

Quantic Dream's Star Wars Game Is Set In The High Republic Era - RUMOR

Away from the time era and the alleged title, however, details are still sparse. In view of the previous, rather to narrative and decisions and consequences focused titles of Quantico Dream you can see how the approach of the studio will be an action game.


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