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The Pre-Season 12 in LOL makes it easier for your team to turn a lost match

On November 17, the pre-season 12 league of Legends is started, and she brought some changes. One of them turns to a new comeback mechanics for teams that are in arrears.

What s in a patch 11.23 The new patch 11.23, the same time the pre-season has started 12, brought some changes with it, including?:

2 new dragons — Hex tech and Chem tech New Items New runes The new challenge system

In addition, the target bounties were introduced as new mechanics. Which are particularly interesting because they are intended to give teams in behind a chance to catch again. We tell you what the target bounties are and how they work exactly.

Everything about the pre-season 12 can be found in this video summarizes:

target bounties to help the comeback

The 2 BEST Jungle Routes YOU NEED to KNOW in Preseason 2022 What is it exactly for a mechanism? For some time, there is the Champion bounties LoL, which ensure that a player who is particularly strong, is more gold when he is defeated. However, this gold goes to only one player from the enemy team.

The new target bounties turn give all players of the losing teams bonus gold when a certain task is done.

These tasks appear 15 seconds after a team is far fallen enough in gold, and end when a team close enough to the Gold unlocked or the job has been done.

However, the opponent can see the bounties. Even if they themselves do not benefit from the gold, they can prevent the enemy team from reaching the bounty.

What do the bounties exactly?

Baron Nash or: 500 to 800 gold Dragons and Dragon Elder: 500 to 800 gold Herold: 500 to 800 gold Outer Tower: 250 to 400 gold Inner Tower: 400-640 gold

Are you also interested in topics related to Gold Games?

India Tower: 400-640 gold

The Gold sum is distributed depending on the distance to the opposing team and is evenly among the five players, even if they were not involved in the action.

Will stop the snowball effect complete this mechanic? Riot has been working for years to give the teams a chance to come back, but without limiting the winning team too much. It shows here again.

Because even in the introduction of the mechanism, the developers explain: We also do not want to reduce the influence of playful skill. If you dominator your lane and thus fetch out an insurmountable lead, then you should not be nullified that.

So who dominated a game will probably not lose it again by the bounties. Narrower match it may be, however, that you can rotate through the additional gold a match.

What do you say to the innovation? Is it interesting for you, or do you believe that the bounties little impact on the game take?

In LoL a lot going on in this pre-season 12th In addition to the playful changes, there are also many changes in the team. Fanatic just built up from scratch to:

LoL: Fanatic loses his mega-talent and leadership Players — Buys favorably a miracle


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