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U21: Bangharte Analysis : Di Salvo after 0: 4 against Poland

The shock was made of DI Salvo s face, the U-21 head coach looked tidied up when he reported on Monday afternoon from the processing of the unexpected debacle against Poland: We have values ​​in our U-21 team, as it is above all To open and honest communication. I also expect the players that they say their minds. After this game it was appropriate to make open and clearly a bang-hard analysis of the mistakes. The defensive behavior was not good, we all know.

However, the error chain began at the offensive forces, which at the beginning few balls and many lost, but logically ended in the four-chain. There, Schalke Malice Thaw has developed a regular place over the past games, was, among other things, by an excellent head ball chance in the second half still the best of the quartet on Friday, but far away from a good day form.

Thaw: We are Germany. That must not happen to us.

Surprising defeat against Poland| Germany - Poland 0-4 | Highlights | U 21 Euro Qualifier

We have overslept the first 20 minutes as the entire team, mentally were not there. The Poles were superior to us in the basics, have accepted the two-fights. We had no good communication, had too large distances at the back in the chain, described Thaw Some painful analysis insights and revealed: The team was very angry and very disappointed. We are Germany, we did not expect to lose 0: 4 against Poland. That must not happen to us.

Whether it will happen again? The answer to this question will only know after the return of direct competitors to victory in the EM qualification group B. In March 2022, it is initially at the currently identical Israelis and then in the last Quasi game in June in Poland, which currently have two points less. Even Thaw knows that football dwarf San Marino will not be a diameter on Tuesday evening in Ingolstadt (18:15 pm, live! At Thiaw): We know that this is not forgotten against San Marino. But that s our first step. Everyone should come back to his performance limit and as a team we have to occur compact.

Although the opponent will hardly demand the DFB juniors with a view of the 6-0 victory in the first leg, of course, Di Salvo will also want to see an increase in the short term: Now it s about learning from the mistakes to look forward also to take the positive aspects of the game against Poland, tackle and show a reaction. This will also be checked in a batch embossed by one-sidedness in elements such as body language, ascetic, purposefulness, tingle and counterfeiting.

After the two temporary defending protruding Jean-Manuel MOM (Robespierre) and Roberto Massimo, who caught an infection as inner-defending Martin Cardie, has already left an infection, DI SALVO must already improvise the rear right even more than anyway. As candidates, he called the Six Eric Martel and Yannick Kate.


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