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Videos and more... Aim for the universe! Rocket Machine Sim NEXT SPACE REBELS was a footprint that leads to great space development [explosion play repo]

Rocket League is a sporting activity video game developed as well as published by Psionic. He launched in July 2015 on Windows and PlayStation 4, in February 2016 on Xbox One, in September 2016 on Linux as well as Mac as well as November 2017 on Nintendo Change. The game is influenced by football: two teams, composed of one to four players driving cars, complete during a match to strike a balloon as well as score for the contrary function. Vehicles are equipped with propellants (increase) as well as can leap, enabling the balloon airborne. Game updates additionally consist of other game modes, obtaining closer to basketball or ice hockey. Rocket League adheres to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, a video game released in 2008 on PlayStation 3 as well as additionally established by Psionic. If this very first game obtained a blended welcome, a strong structure of beginners motivated the workshop to generate a new variation, this time around available on numerous systems. The game is acknowledged for its one-of-a-kind gaming style as well as has gathered many distinctions. The studio claims greater than 10 million sales in two years (in the initial quarter of 2017) as well as 60 million gamers in 2019. Rocket Organization is acquired by Impressive Gaming in 2020, which markets it in Free-To-Play.

The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only I dont know what kind of game! And I am not a GAME SPARK reader. I am crying because I can not grasp it until I play. Therefore, this plan is to deliver the contents of the raw game to the motto as soon as possible, explosion play repo.

This time Studio Flores Kayak has developed, Humble Games is responsible for Publisher, and November 18, 2021, Rocket Machine Sim NEXT released for PC (Windows / Mac) at Humble Store / Steam / GOG.COM I would like to deliver the contents of the raw about Space Rebels.

In addition, the Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One (also supported for Game Pass) for consumers is also released, and in the future, it is a Nintendo switch to be delivered.

What is Next Space Rebels ?

This work is a habit of a model rocket, and an amateur videos have a laughter and tears with a laughing tears. It may be compared to Verbal Space Program that this genres may be compared to Verbal Space Program, but this work will be deployed with a completely different approach.

The scenario and the system are well engaged with the scenario and the system, and it is very easy to play.

The main character who manipulates a basic scenario flow to wear rocket technology through the video posting site Star tube as seen somewhere. The appearance of launch is posted as a video, and if the response is large, it is more popular, and it may be possible to get parts from the fans.

Also, although the simulation itself is tight, the simulation itself is, but the pocket depth of even if you wear a booster for trash and miscellaneous it.. Of course, I will fail if I ask for a lot of Pauling, but I can also give feedback if Im also a net.

In this way, it is an excellent level design that motivates and guidance to the game target is clever, and it is an excellent level design that provides gradual learning without discomfort, so there will be a motivation that Lets do a great thing, that Thats why this was not a bit of attempting to get a trial and error.

JAVA also started recruiting astronaut candidates, and it may be good to try to aim at universe from these perspectives (?). Lets do it right away.

Settings, Operations, Languages

This work supports keyboards and mice and controller operations. As the UI of the game is in the form that imitates the desktop of the PC, the former is more intuitive more intuitively. Graphics can be set in detail such as quality. And the language is also compatible with Japanese......, Sometimes some words remain in other languages.

Game Flow

Games are basically

  1. Message Exchange

  2. Rocket production

  3. Launch

  4. Video Post

Progress in the one set cycle. Here, lets introduce the flow as an example of the first rocket production-launch.

When you select a new game, this screen will be displayed, and you create a new video poster account in Star tube. This is a named Spoken by the example. A different world reincarnation was called to make rocket this time when I was in trouble with each play repo.

Well, in this video that appears next to the account, a tensioned woman who gives a rocket girl is rampant in the screen. She is a popular poster from various numbers Starter, she follows her, and she moves the rocket to the material and will be a popular person to be a popular person... increase.

Message exchange

Next Space Rebels Review

This is a message screen. The UI in this work is desktop-like design, and click the icon displayed on the task bar at the bottom of the image to switch each screen. Currently, only STATUE and messages are added, but in the scenario later, an application such as rocket work, shop, account, and museum will be added.

Create a rocket

Furthermore, this is a very easy-to-understand screen configuration as you can see the rocket worker app Marker,. The operation is easy, and the part is chosen from the list and the simplicity of OK.

Yellow sticky notes display the current target task, and in some cases additional conditions are attached. For example, Altering high level 50 m using a specific part. This time you just have to launch, so lets arrange parts right away.

It was especially not running in the story, and I settled down to an orthodox shape. Parts are If it is in contact with any or one end, it is a rocket, it can be launched even if it is balanced, if it is balanced.

However, it should be noted that the number complexity in the green bar at the bottom right of the screen. Each part has a complexity point, and the total number of available parts varies with its point upper limit. For example, for the complexity of 10, 10 parts of 1 point per point, 10 or 5 points are attached to two.

This is better to keep the upper limit by clearing the task, so it would be better to do the cycle you talked at the beginning. The same applies to parts, and as the scenario progresses, and the improvement of complexity can be manufactured because the amount of complexity is also increased with it.

It is production when I finished the design. When the production button is pressed, the synthetic image of the actual action that can be assembled with the PechaKucha is completed and completed. At this time, you can check the overall image by moving the camera.

Lets upload the launch video

Goodbye, the moment of launch. In the center of the screen, the camera angle change button and the various measurement data display buttons, and the high degree of information icons are arranged in the center. This is a little retro video effect is personally quite favorite.

3, 2, 1, launch!

The rocket that was pushed up by the firing booster was pushed as it is the flying D...... I was thrusting into the private house. Do not report this, right? (Actually, there is a count of the Star tube Terms of Conditions)

Anyway, launch is successful. Upload videos when you make sure that you meet the task on the result screen.

When raising the video, determine the title, explanatory text, and tags on the tag, and then upload it. By the way, the video uploaded in the game is saved in the actual PC, so it can be returned anytime, so you can really post YouTube...?

Tags are very important, and the special effects may occur tag combo by popular tags and combinations. The combo will change the number of reproductions and registrants, etc., so it is good to try a combination of various tags.

By the way, I can get a suspicious tool to check the breakdown data of the tag by the time, so it can be used to study the combo to make videos.


Thus, a new message exchanges started with the echo. For the received message, you can reply with the options prepared in advance. If you have more than one, the upper side is positive, the lower is a negative option, so lets use it according to the situation.

Scenario expansion is due to peoples connection

Somewhat surreal teddy bear launch illustration. If the channel is popular in this way, there are also people who will contact you from various people, and there are also new challenge tasks and rocket materials.

They have various backgrounds and circumstances such as those who are fragmented by STATUE and those who are only used in half-shun, and exchange in this message will be a multi-faceted perspective in the story. I will deepen my sense of immersive.

The reply to them, whether to do a task using the material you have received, it also wants to choose carefully because it also affects the subsequent development (?). In some cases, it is also important that the videos will make the middle finger on NO, as the videos come out of the scope of the request, and the video comes out with the instruction..

If you have the tactility of the technology that has been digested from the early stage of the Lomond planning task, when the story is shifting to the technology power such as competing with the high degree, the message from the popular man of the yearning and the technician It will increase to get rid of it. It feels realistic logoffs (?) for the change of customer base change here.

Personally I like this rocket lovers. The images and websites he cited are real, so I laughed.

If you go further, the Marker app has been updated, and a rich look and function will be added. The structure of the rocket is more and more complicated because the control system such as fuel system and disconnection is also started from the degree of progression of the image. However, because the player has made a number of task challenges so far, it should not be about the request level here.

A pipe-like torso mounts a fuel tank and an engine and attaches a nose cone... It has become a rocket that is full of things.

Personally, I felt a good time I started to start building a full-fledged rocket and played more fun.

But I will not forget my play. Excellent technicians have been familiar with the whole power of all the old and now East West Hirohito.

Equipped with separation functions wasted.

in conclusion

The manual of the story line is in the activity with Star tube, and the rocket is the main propulsion force to advance the story. Like the protagonist, rocket girls also upload new videos. By the way, the authors gave you Sams down to all the rivals videos (Hard Humanity 0 dead thinking).

When I was promoting such a story, I was a pleasant rocket production video until then, but suddenly STATUE is known and The universe is not an arrogant millionaire A video of an active home speech has been posted.

After that, she also appreciates this activist, and if another friend will join her activity against the main character? A joke and joke.

Yay, and the protagonist are just a general person, and enjoying rocket making. I feel like something dropped to the atmosphere of the story of the story is dropped, but what is it going in the future...? Please check with your own eyes if the story is expanded.

Anyway, with a good sense of good-maneuvering, a book that is a complex rocket that can be made with a drama part of an attractive development. It will be a reward of the story clear, but it will be unlimited in creative mode and making a rocket and play value is quite high.

It tends to be able to handle difficulty simulation game, but It is not very much to play! If you are interested, please touch me. Title: NEXT SPACE REBELS Compatible models: PC (Windows / Mac) / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One (Nintendo switch will be delivered in the future) Play model in articles: PC (Windows) Release Date: November 18, 2021 Author play time for article writing: 5 hours Price: Customer price 2,050 yen, sale price 1,640 yen (until November 25, 21)


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