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Free switching battle ground, the key to the right 'nuclear eradication'

The more news on the game award 2021, with a lot of news, the surprise announcement that surprises the gamers around the world is surprised in the domestic game. It was that the player was able to enjoy the Player Nouns Battleground (Beanbag) for free from January 12 next year. It is a choice for expanding its IP and increasing accessibility as many games are being made to use the Bag in the craft tone. For this purpose, we have abandoned the way the package has been maintained near 5 years from the previous year.

Once most gamers, the free ambient is the atmosphere. This is because it is true that the accessibility can not be compared. Because the majority of bug users have purchased, they have done quite a lot of rebellion for purchases. However, there is a problem that there is a problem, so it is a nuclear user. The concerns that the nuclear issue, which is not viable and pointed out since the launch of the Bag, is raised first that it will be deeper than free. The Creighton side also recognizes it and released a free service announcement and released a development journal associated with the official community at the same time.

Reader Antic hit Solutions 'Wickets' introduced from January

According to the published development journal, since January of this year, the Bag Anti-Cit team is not an external security system, but it is being used by the self-anti-TCHIT solution, Incites. It is an explanation that it is possible to detect and measure the nucleus at a much faster rate than the existing system as it is a self-made system. According to the development of the developer, it is said that the illegal program utilization rate was 28% after the introduction of Acanthus. In addition, we will further enhance the security system, such as introducing machine and proceeding 24 hours monitoring.

In addition, hardware sanctions that collect and acknowledge hardware information of computers using illegal programs have been continuing, and have also been developing and introducing technologies that can sanctify hardware in real time in Ticket. In addition, we have enhanced the response to client vulnerabilities and causticity. As of December 2021, the rate of suspicion of suspicious use of illegal use program was 45% lower than the second, and about 47% of the permanent use measure account for the previous year.

However, the situation of the user who enjoys the game is hard to see that it is like this. Once the number of permanent stop accounts is reduced, it seems that the number of users decreased. In fact, the number of simultaneous connections, which was actually 450,000 in December last year, is currently decreasing in the early 30,000 people. Rather, in recent years, it is easy to find anecdotes in the community that has been suspected because it has not used an illegal program.

Account security, illegal program promotion prevention of protection

Anyway, the status of the numerical status is obviously a change in the development of the free service, and the future plan was also released. One of them is enhanced account security. Even though it was a hardware van with an illegal program, you have a bypassing an SMS certification system and creating a new account, which is to prevent it. In particular, it focuses on the response of illegal programs using a stated account.

In addition, we are planning to write a greater care for the eradication of the issue of illegal program that is becoming a problem in various communities. Until now, the public relations act on the game in the game was applied directly to the publicity activity, but the nuclear promotional punishment of the large-scale discord server is a subsequent development of the nuclear promotional punishment is somewhat crazy or has been in fact. In particular, as the promotional behavior of Chinese nuclear makers is becoming more aggressive than the past, it will further strengthen the response and legal action on the Anti-Cit team.

In addition, the development of the development is being studied for deterioration of cheating behavior on console platform, not PC, non-authorized controller or use of accessories. In addition, it is also an assortment that the status sharing to show the news related to the performance of the Anti-Techit performance like this. However, it is not yet considered to be considered as it is replaced with accessibility policy through the recent competition conditions that are becoming a recent competition transition.

Pixel Gun 3D,PUBG Mobile,Free Fire,Call of Duty,Fortnite,Battle Destruction,Creative Destruction

Nuclear decrease should be able to experience

Although users have been delivered rapidly at the time they needed the story that the users wanted to hear, they still remain supposed to have been concerned. The vendor problem, account security issues that have said above. Beau van is a problem that players can degrade the reliability for the game, and more specific alternatives are needed in that the account security issues are often found in the famous Chinese foot account that is toxic.

As a result of contacting the crafting side, the development of the development was clearly recognized. In the case of innovation, There is a case of taking a temporary use restriction before proceeding with the permanent stop, which is inconvenient to users who do not use the nucleus, he said. I said. I am investigating a means for replacing and supplementing this in countries that are not able to use SMS certification actions for account security.

As a result, the project that has been developed is to reduce the actual figures of the vault and the actual level of the vault and the player feeling. Obviously on the surface of the surface, the positive change is drawn about the illegal program, but the gamers still have inconvenient to the illegal program. The development of the development is also said to be the will of I will make an eradication for the illegal program, he said.


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