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The Badassery Arena of Mister Torgue Now on Kickstarter

Canonically, Mister Tongue likes table games (see the assault of Tiny Tina on Dragon Keep). Faced with several hyper-violent entertainment companies, it is logical that it also makes a board game. Borderlands: Arena of Badasses from Mister Tongue has a kick start to which real badasses can contribute.

Mister Tongue's Badasses Arena is a board game where players can work together to erase the enemy table, gaining booty and money. There are missions, premiums and other special rules that can come into play in the arena.

Borderlands: Mister Torgue's Arena of Badassery - Kickstarter Critique Review The basic game comes with four Vault Hunters from the entire series of video games; Moroccan, Salvador, More and Mara, as well as their Bloodying and Iron Bear companions. Some extended objectives also added Lilith, Maya, Zer0, Claptrap and Grieg, who are accompanied by a certain level of contribution. The Stretch Goal that adds Brick is almost reached.

As in video games, in the Badasses Arena of Mister Tongue, players can recover weapons, grenades, shields and go to the next level. Each Vault Hunter has its own skill tree to fill during the game. The players will also face emblematic enemies, such as psychopaths, marauders, Goliath, all kinds of snags and even bosses, such as Nine Toes.

In just 15 minutes since the beginning of the campaign, the goal for this table has been reached. About $740,000 were currently raised and there are still more than three weeks.

Closer to the announcement of Borderlands 3, there was a Tiny Tina board game that had been announced, so it's not the first Borderlands table game. The Kickstarter campaign for Borderlands: Arena of Badasses from Mister Tongue will take place until December 23rd.

Does this table game interest you? Let us know in the comments below.

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