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The nominees for the game of the year 2021 by PC Player 24: Forza Horizon 5

This year we were spoiled with games where they feel a series of emotions. Hallo Infinite gives you a competitive and nostalgic feeling. Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy gets you going. But how many games this year did you felt freely? For me, Fora Horizon 5 is the only game that conveys this feeling.

Even if it is not a big innovator and is largely based on the solid foundations of Fora Horizon 4, it is undoubtedly the most beautiful and diverse open-world game of the year. Apart from all other things, Fora Horizon 5 will automatically become the Game of Playground Games through the stunning replica Mexico from Playground Games.

THE GAME AWARDS 2021: Forza Horizon 5 wins Innovation In Accessibility This beautiful Racer has perfected all core elements of its predecessor. The story is some scary at some places, but now much more extensive. Much more interesting and more varied are also the events, both permanent and seasonal. And the actual race still hits a Sweet Spot, the Fora Horizon 4 nailed, but with a little more fine-cut for the handling of cars on surfaces that are not paved.

While some fan favorites from Horizon 4 unfortunately missing, Fora Horizon 5 has an even greater collection of vehicles, and each looks fantastic, no matter where you drive — or even parking to pose for a breathtaking snapshot in the photo.

In addition, Fora Horizon 5 offers a range of accessibility features that make sure that as many players can enjoy the experience as possible.

All this is extremely relevant, if you want to judge a game, whether it is one of the best of 2021, but I have the feeling that I have still nominated forza horizon 5 as one of the top games of the year from the PC player 24, even if the story represents a challenge, game mechanics and everything else in between are below average.

This world, which has created Playground Games, has something soothing and fascinating itself — especially as she extends seamlessly of massive concrete roadways over the winding narrow streets of Guanajuato to the dense jungle to the top of a volcano. I am also a fan of prospects, and it looks incredibly to look from any vantage point — especially the above-mentioned volcano.

Due to the way this world is built, and every centimeter looks spectacular from each viewing angle, it is the perfect arena not only for races, but simply to drive. No radars, no checkpoints, no finish line — just drive.

Although I certainly not addicted to Fora Horizon 5 and not hundreds of hours playing time by deleting the generous amount of content collecting the game continues to spend my favorite game to relax.

Nothing clarifies her head better than a ride. At the moment, the light in the United Kingdom fades at 17:00. It's cold, often wet, and your windshield is constantly shopping. The magnificent landscape of Wiltshire, which I know, is mostly wrapped in clouds or dark at this time of the year. Where could you get better for this liberating ride than in Fora Horizon 5?

This game is not only brilliant, but also therapy. It is more than just an excellent racing game full of cars and content — Fora Horizon 5 offers one of the best open worlds in the younger game history.


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