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The Sims is a positive game that also wants to give psychological problems

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The Sims 4 and its predecessors are life simulations that do not take themselves seriously. Not for nothing we can retrieve chests and deceased as spirits. However, a serving of seriousness does not seem to be through when the Sims are mourning or overloaded by too much work.

Why the mind states (yet) do not clear up to depression or burnout, two SIMS developers have explained to us in the interview. Executive Producer Phillip Ring and Senior Creative Director Paul Cross by Electronic Arts stood us speech and answer to mental health in the Sims games.

Trigger warning: This article addresses mental problems such as depression.

A trust game without risk

In the Sims we can live wild fantasies. The ex-boyfriend a pure coincidence? Check. Astronaut will become? Check. And by the way, it serves many so — consciously or unconsciously — as a trust game to better get along with problems in real life. Also, Paul and Hill are only too good through reports of players. They explain these effects, among other things, that building, cultivation and the connection with the SIMS world can calm down a restless mind.

Rather, the Sims a reflection of humanity, filtered through an optimistic lens, said Paul. This makes it possible for players to experience and try out aspects of life without the risks of the real world, which could help through difficult times.

The Sims in emotional change

Just at times of the Corona Pandemic is the handling of problems and negative emotions more important than ever. This becomes clear especially in social media, where numerous reports find that the Sims are the escape you need.

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But also regardless of the pandemic, the topic of mental health is becoming more and more in the awareness of many people. For this reason, the developers are increasingly thinking about how they can install these aspects into the SIMS games. For example, Paul explains that she explored in the early development of the extension of country-house life, how important nature is for the emotional and psychological health of humans — especially during the Lockdowns.

Look, your sim feels lonely!

The fact that negative feelings such as loneliness in the Sims have gained more importance is already clear through NPCs like the tragic clown. According to Paul, the focus was on the first of the Sims on the creation of a small world, which pushes a back and demands to take care of something unfortunate Sims. The role of the clown was to visit these sims like a kind of spirit instead of presenting a comment on sadness.

Already in the Sims 2 they began to give the feelings more scope. Sims could actually feel better or worse and respond to their own motives (or on the absence of a deal with them)! So the Social Bunny finally had the task of giving secluded Sims in the meantime, as well as to make sure that the SIM needed permanently more attention in the social area.

More reality through abstraction

Meanwhile, emotions play such an important role in the SIMS 4 that we must pay attention to them if we want to get the most out of our SIM. Only SIMS, which eject directly under the duvet, mourn more effectively and feel happily faster. This is important again to make the decisive difference at work.

To present such emotional relationships is not always so easy for the developers. Since the feelings are such an important part of the stories, they always try to find ways to make them credible and comprehensible as possible. This is also important to give mental health problems in the Sims games more space, asp hill explains:

These [possibilities] allow us to treat darker and negative areas of genuine life by abstracting them to move the mirror, through which a player can consider them, and give a player to the room, safely to emotions of the real Close or process world.

An example that handles Hill is burnout due to too high workload. This is illustrated in the SIMS 4 by tension, but is not clearly defined as a burnout, must be interpreted as such. By avoiding a marking, the players have the choice to classify their stories instead.

Sims who do not take a break from work for a long time, can be tense. We believe that part of the magic is that the players can decide whether their SIM is annoyed by the work, suffering from burnout or just wants to have a day free. It is your story we want to enable.

In the end counts, what helps

In order to give the player in such negative emotions for their stories, without losing the optimistic root of the Sims, a lot is discussed the presentation of mental health. As in the example, the developer team is pursuing the approach to offering a lot of space through options. So everyone can decide for themselves how far he or she wants to go with their own sims.

It is also important that there is no negative impact. Rather, the players should survive through the Sims a journey, which helps, sop hill:

When we install elements such as negative emotions or mental health, we always look at whether we can help players on their emotional journey without too negative impact.

Hill and Paul are pursuing clear lines as they want to represent negative emotion in the Sims. Nevertheless, things like depression and fear that could continue to explore: Things in which the Sims can think about positive coping strategies that can help the player in real life.

Maybe in this way, in the SIMS 5, we experience more top points of our Sims, which at the same time have significant helpful strategies and transfer themselves to the real life? Using video games in this measurement for therapeutic purposes is certainly still future music that contains a lot of potential.


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