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February 18 is finally released! "Horizon Forbidden West" Latest Information Bulletry-Check the world and new system that colors Aaroy's new adventure

Sony Interactive Entertainment releases Action RPG " Horizon Forbidden West " for PS5 / PS4 to work GuerriLla Games, on February 18, 2022. ■ ■ Action range is wider! ■ ■ Upgrade system that takes a new threat! ■ ■ New weapons with excellent effect on large enemies! ■ Machine Beast ■ Latest cinematic trailer This work is a sequel to "Horizon Zero Dawn" released in 2017. The "Machine Beast" collapses human civilization by a disaster "machine beast", and the main character "Aaroy" is drawn to the threat to the future world. In this paper, we will introduce an overview and information on the "Horizon Forbidden West" where the release is approaching. # World's view of the world who was committed to overwhelming "reality"! "Forbidden West (forbidden western)", which is the stage of this work, is a western part of the former America. Humans after the collapse of civilization form their own communities and