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February 18 is finally released! "Horizon Forbidden West" Latest Information Bulletry-Check the world and new system that colors Aaroy's new adventure

Sony Interactive Entertainment releases Action RPG " Horizon Forbidden West " for PS5 / PS4 to work GuerriLla Games, on February 18, 2022.

This work is a sequel to "Horizon Zero Dawn" released in 2017. The "Machine Beast" collapses human civilization by a disaster "machine beast", and the main character "Aaroy" is drawn to the threat to the future world.

In this paper, we will introduce an overview and information on the "Horizon Forbidden West" where the release is approaching.

# World's view of the world who was committed to overwhelming "reality"!

"Forbidden West (forbidden western)", which is the stage of this work, is a western part of the former America. Humans after the collapse of civilization form their own communities and live in vast land as a unique tribe. Aaroy interacts with various tribes in the adventure and challenges the world's crisis.

The "genuine" of the view of the world where we aimed at the previous work "Horizon Zero Dawn" is also powered up in this work. In particular, the behavior of non-combat NPCs is greatly evolved, and it is possible to actively feel everyday life by actively involving the surrounding object, such as taking a drink in a cup, drinking drinks in a cup, and talking to other NPCs. is.

In addition, we are also focusing on differences between life style and rules for each tribal. In a settlement, Aaroy will be able to obtain and upgrade important equipment in the continuing adventure, and various merchants will appear. The merchant also behaves as a blacksmith that behaves like a replenishment role, and it is expected to be more individualized by having a character that matches the tribes to each atmosphere.

This work is that the difference between tribal " How to hold and carry water ". Of course, the vast world adventure is, as well as the tourism of the base, it seems to enjoy plenty.

# Adventures are free to the new tools and customized elements!

Horizon Forbidden West Review This series can be freely adventurous to the stage of a large world, such as a lush earth and village. "Horizon Forbidden West" has a new tool and customized factor that extends the way of moving, and Aarti's journey has more options.

■ ■ Action range is wider!

In this work, a "free climbing system" can appear freely with rocky place. There seems to be the limitation of "visually or a reasonable place", but it seems to be able to act more three-dimensional behavior in many areas. Furthermore, the search range is more expanded by the fact that swimming in the water.

A new tool of Aaroy "pull caster" is also possible to move grappling to high places. "Pulcaster" also has a hidden item or aisle because there is a winch function that allows you to tract or destroy objects. There is also a "shielding" that can be moved from the high and gliders, and the degree of freedom of movement has risen significantly.

■ ■ Upgrade system that takes a new threat!

In this work, a new world, a large number of powerful new threats has been more than ever. A new customization system is also available for Aaroy to stand up to a powerful enemy.

In this work, "Equipment upgrade system" has been added as a new element. Since the upgraded equipment may get abilities and resistance, you can customize freely for each player. By combining with the skills acquired by level up, it seems that surprising synergy is also exhibited.

A new skill also appeared, such as "resonator blasting" that improves the power of long-distance attacks by applying the energy of the energy stored in the near-attack attack. It is also necessary to pay a strong charge attack "Big" or a large evolved proximity attack, and the human enemy partner's stealth combat element.

■ ■ New weapons with excellent effect on large enemies!

The weapons used by Aaroy are not only familiar things such as bow and sling. New Appearance "Spike Slow" can cause significant damage to large enemies by throwing a good time.

In addition, each weapon provides skills, aragra types, customized slots, and more. You need to upgrade to release the ability with some weapons, but the options for weapons will be spread more than ever.

These elements can also be confirmed in previously published gameplay trailers. Furthermore, it is also expected for adventures and combat elements of this work with high degree of freedom and evolved.

# New threat! Huge machine beasts and "human beasts" also appeared

Evolved in this work is not only Aaroy. In the Earth of FORBIDDEN WEST, not only a type of machine beast that exceeds the previous work, but also new new human enemies appear.

PLAYSTATION BLOG introduces new machine beasts, such as fast and quick "Clast Rider" and Flying "Sun Wings". A huge machine beast like mammoth "Tremata Sku" is one of the most compatible enemies in this work, and it seems necessary to knead the strategy to defeat.

Human-type enemies also appeared for new enemy characters attacking the machine beast. Players must fight while thinking of the machine beast and human being first defeated or what attacks are valid.

Of course, as well as the previous work, the override on the machine beast is also healthy. The machine beasts that can be riding in this work are increasing, and it greatly contributes to Aaroy's adventure, such as combat, movement and search.

# Anyone enjoys an adventure! Rich accessibility features

In this work, many accessibility features are carried out so that many users can immerse in the game world as much as possible.

The basic functions such as the difficulty level setting of the game, the language used, the size adjustment of the subtitles, as well as the tutorials and guides, etc. can be accessed immediately. There are many settings unique to this work in which the degree of freedom in movement increases significantly, such as the "highlight function of the place to be closed".

In addition, new functions "CO-PILOT" that supports visual handicaps using two controllers. Gameplayerasists such as Aim Assist and Subject Menu Selection and Automatic Tomorrow Automatic Starting are also fulfilling.

The functions published to the present are just a part of the accessibility settings of this work. Also, in the future, we intend to consider how more players can enjoy, receive feedback from users and enjoy more players.

# Check out the game video published so far!

# # ■ Combat video

■ Machine Beast

# # ■ Tribal introduction

# # ■ Arena and hunting field introduction

# # ■ Trailer for domestic

# # ■ Japanese dubbed version Store Railer

Astroy (CV: Takagaki Sango), a dubbed version by Kotaro (CV: Hino Satoshi).

■ Latest cinematic trailer

In addition, we have also published a play video captured by PS4 version of this work.

The atmosphere of this work is transmitted, such as the beautiful graphic and the unique world view to be overwhelmed, and the brilliant action of Aaroy. In addition, Mr. Yuko Yuka, a professional photographer / in-gate photographer, is also available for all three articles that commented on a beautiful photo shooting technique using "Photo Mode" of this work.

"Horizon Forbidden West" will be released on February 18, 2022 for PS5 / PS4. In the Japanese version, several products such as the Standard Edition and Special Edition of this work are available. In addition, if you purchase the PS4 version, you can also upgrade to the PS5 version without additional charges.

This work is coming to the closest to the release. At the official site, a cosplay guide (English version) that faithfully reproduces Aaroy fashion is also available, and a leading play impression is also available on this site.


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