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Otte misses his first final

Oscar Otte demonstrated his entire tennis repertoire under the eyes of ex-national goalkeeper Jens Lehmann and ski jumping legend Gregor Schlierenzauer. From soulful stops to a magic of the legs, everything was there. In the end, Zverev-Werzwinger Holger Rune was also too strong for the Cologne. Despite the 4-1 lead in the first set, the 28-year-old German German had to give up 4: 6, 4: 6 in the semifinals of Munich and missed his first final on the ATP tour. Otte states furiously-Rune five-game run Karwietz/Mies are in the final The Danish Youngster Rune, who had only celebrated his 19th birthday on Friday, meets the Dutchman Botic van de Zandschulp in his premiere final in this category. The Scandinavian had improved by more than 200 places in the ranking in the past twelve months and is considered one of the largest tennis talents. "It feels unreal. I didn't expect that I am now in the final," said Rune after the greatest success of his career. The Dane received a

These PlayStation games must appear for PC

Sony wants to further expand its PC strategy. Reason enough to write a wish list to the Playstation group. We need the whole Uncharted series where we are already at Naughty Dog... There are still two Soulsborne games missing Aloy's story must also go on for PC gamblers Returnal needs a larger audience One of my favorite PS4 games should not be missing If I had been told five years ago that Sony would publish games for the PC, I would have shown it a bird to that. "Sure, Playstation games that are sold on Steam. Exactly! And tomorrow will learn pigs fly." Well, there were probably many surprised when the group announced that it would launch a PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn in the summer of 2020. The pleasure of the initial technical problems (here we go to our test at the time), but there was great joy that such a good, previously PS4-exclusive open world adventure could suddenly be played on Windows systems. PC implementations from Days Gone and the God of War from 2

VAR criticism: cheerfully open for integration of ex

The VAR has increasingly focused on in recent weeks - most recently due to the penalty scenes in the games between RB Leipzig and Union Berlin as well as FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund. In retrospect, Jochen Dress, DFB project manager for the video evidence, ordered the two penetrated penalty whistles as wrong decisions. Referee chief Fröhlich is open to constructive suggestions according to Gräfe at the DFB "does not apply to the performance principle" For me at the latest this weekend, it is clear to me: We need former professional footballers to support the VAR. Lothar Matthäus So the call for ex-professionals who support the video assistants has become louder again in the past few weeks. "It is clear to me at the latest after this weekend: We need former professional footballers to support the VAR," wrote, for example, Lothar Matthäus in his Sky-Column, who believes that former professionals can rate controversial scenes better because they know what it

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack Add the Great DLC from SPLATOON 2: Available

A few months after SPLATOON 3 Make your debut in Nintendo Switch, the Japanese company hNintendo Eshop announced another special content intended for those who are subscribers by Nintendo Switch online + expansion package. Those available in addition to a copy of SPLATOON 2 can be downloaded at no additional cost the octo expansion, the great DLC of the second installment of the video game. In fact, it is already available for all those who meet the aforementioned requirements. How can the DLC be accessed? The main requirement is, Nintendo Eshop we have commented, have a copy of SPLATOON 2 and be subscribed to the Nintendo Switch Online Premium Subscription. Once certified that the requirements are met, you just have to visit the product page at Nintendo Eshop . There we will find the downloadable package, so we click on "Download" in the section "Nintendo SWICH Online + Expansion Package" section, located at the top of the page. SPLATOON 2: OCT EXPANSION

FC Bayern | This is weak leadership: Hamann shoots against the record champion

With violent criticism, the former professional Dietmar Hamann responded to the communication of FC Bayern after the much discussed alternating error in Freiburg. "None of Bayern has given a guideline. In doing so, they held up the blackboard with a wrong number," Hamann said in a conversation with "Spox" and "Goal". He did not know what the substitute Marcel Sabitzer thought. "Of course, if you're in, do you do that, of course, if the replenished player left the field," Hamann said, scolding, "The coronation was the autocratic quote from Michael Gerlinger, who said, 'We are convinced that the DFB -alternating errors Court can only come to a decision according to the applicable regulations: the rating of our 4: 1 victory is preserved '. This is not to be overparted on self-sufficiency, "said the 48-year-old. "That's weak leadership. If I make a mistake, I have to admit that too. But now the Freiburg in the corn

How to Buy Cars in Forza Horizon 5

When it comes to buying cars in Forza Horizon 5 , you have two options. Players can choose to spend their credits on a new autoshow car, or they can choose to buy a car from another player through the online auction house. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about How to buy Cars in Forza Horizon 5 so you can spend those credits earned with so much effort in your dreams. Buy Autos of AutoShow in Forza Horizon 5 PURCHASE OF CARS IN THE AUCTION HOUSE Buy Autos of AutoShow in Forza Horizon 5 Go to any house you have purchased or any of the Horizon Festival sites and enter them by pressing X. Next, you must navigate to the «Buy and Sell» tab and then select Autoshow. When you are on the AutoShow, you will get a massive list of all the cars you can buy. They are listed in alphabetical order by their manufacturer, as far as Acura and Alpine are the first, with Volkswagen and Zenvo at the end. Select the car you want to buy and press A, then select the library o