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Vampire: The Masquerade - SwanSong: All characters and skills

In character guide to vampire: The Masquerade-SwanSong you can find out: Vampire-SwanSong : How do I get experience points? emem Louis: The rebel Leysha: The seer GALEB BAZORY: The eternal protector disciplines best start profile & best character building disciplines best start profile & best character building disciplines best start profile & best character building What special skills every vampire has Which start profile you should choose How you deserve experience points and gives Vampire: The Masquerade-SwanSong is a new role-playing game in the World of Darkness. In the game, you alternately slip into the roles of three different vampires , which in turn have different strengths and weaknesses. In the guide you will find an overview of all skills as well as useful tips and tricks on the playing styles of the vampires. Buy credit card for PlayStation-Network now! Vampire-SwanSong : How do I get experience points? The story of the game extends over several

Only a short time: 86 inch 4k

The offers of the Saturn voucher booklet only apply until Tuesday, in which you can get a lot of laptops, tablets, smartphones and 4K televisions cheaper. Among the latter, for example, the 86 -inch LG 86up80009, which is equipped with HDMI 2.1, is found, which you can get for 1,299.60 euros (RRP: 2,499 euros). On the product page you will still be displayed 1,444 euros, but 10 percent are removed in the shopping cart. If you would like it a little bit smaller, you will also get the 82-inch version cheaper: LG 86UP80009 (4K, 86 inches, HDMI 2.1) for € 1,299.60 (RRP: € 2,499) * LG 82UP80009 (4K, 82 inches, HDMI 2.1) for € 1,187.10 (RRP: € 2,299) * Incidentally, Amazon is more or less pulled with the offer for the 86-inch model. There the television costs a little more with 1,329.50 euros. If you include the shipping costs at Saturn, the two dealers are on par. With the 82-inch version, however, Amazon is much more expensive. LG 86UP80009 (4K, 86 inches, HDMI 2.1) for € 1,329.

What is the release date for the AWE Control DLC?

Jesse Faden cannot rest, and the next stage of his trip to Control continues with the DLC AWE. Faden explores the investigation sector, a long abandoned part of the Federal Control Bureau , and takes care of the creature that lurks there. AWE is released on August 27 and, as the trailer suggests below, the players had remained in the light. The new location inside The Oldest House, the investigation sector, seems to follow the same stages in the history of the first extension of the DLC, The Foundation. In this one, the astral plan had started to consume the oldest house and slowly ate reality, forcing Faden to discover several of the secrets of the oldest house to stop it. We see a brief overview of a monster that hides in the investigation sector and which has probably been the cause of its abandonment. The investigation sector is the place where the office has examined the modified global events, and Faden must learn what people had sought to take it back to the creature. Thes

Characteristic list of Rogue Legacy 2: All characteristics explained

Rogue enforcement 2 is the continuation of the Roguelike Erben Rogue Legacy celebrated by the criticism. In both games, their heirs try to conquer a castle full of monsters and falls. The attraction of the game is that you choose one of three heirs in each run, each of which has their own class and their own characteristics. Each class has a slightly different style of play, but they still play like hack-and-slash characters. In the characteristics, the actual variants of runs come into play, each of which can either support or hinder their run. Let's go through all the characteristics and how they affect their runs in Rogue Legacy 2. declarations of characteristics in Rogue Legacy 2 Trains declarations of characteristics in Rogue Legacy 2 Every property in Rogue Legacy 2 can either have a positive or negative effect on your course, but to what extent can vary. Some can make you deaf, like the new Valorant Agent, while others give you life robbery in your attacks. But why woul

Gifts on Epic: Dust 2 new games for free

This week there is again free games on offer at Epic Games. Currently, friends of bizarre humor can secure two entertaining games. Epic Games: This time free for you the upcoming free games Just the Already Paradigm Terraforming Mars The Epic Games Store attracts PC players with various advantages into the shop. In addition to exclusive games and big sales, visitors can also look forward to at least a new free game ** every week. It is worth taking a look, because every now and then real blockbusters or exciting insider tips are there. And best of all: downloaded once, you can keep the games forever! Epic Games: This time free for you Just the Already In this bizarre game you will be thrown as a senior citizens from your retirement home - and now have a colorful sandbox that you can devastate. As you would expect from the studio, which is also behind Goat Simulator, you have all kinds of creative freedom to turn your surroundings upside down. As can already be seen on the tra