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Characteristic list of Rogue Legacy 2: All characteristics explained

Rogue enforcement 2 is the continuation of the Roguelike Erben Rogue Legacy celebrated by the criticism. In both games, their heirs try to conquer a castle full of monsters and falls. The attraction of the game is that you choose one of three heirs in each run, each of which has their own class and their own characteristics. Each class has a slightly different style of play, but they still play like hack-and-slash characters. In the characteristics, the actual variants of runs come into play, each of which can either support or hinder their run. Let's go through all the characteristics and how they affect their runs in Rogue Legacy 2.

declarations of characteristics in Rogue Legacy 2

Every property in Rogue Legacy 2 can either have a positive or negative effect on your course, but to what extent can vary. Some can make you deaf, like the new Valorant Agent, while others give you life robbery in your attacks. But why would you ever accept a negative property? For the money, positive properties actually reduce the amount of gold that they receive, while negative properties cause a flat percentage increase in the collected gold.


* aerodynamic

Hit like an eagle. Straight down. Your spinkick will be replaced by downstrike. Spin Kick is replaced by Downstrike, which sends the player down at high speed until he reaches the floor or hits an object or an enemy.

* Alexithymia

The emotions of others avoid you. I cannot see damage caused. Gold +25 %

* Algesie

If you bump your toe, this can lead to cardiac arrest. No immunity window after suffering. Gold +50 % removes the short invincibility, which is usually obtained after damage suffered. However, the Ambrosia relic offers no advantages if it is affected by this property.

* Antique

The legacy begins with a random relic, even if the relic has never been seen before. The solutions are still incurred. Can occur twice with the same heir.

* associative agnosie

A table is only a word for you. Enemies are blackened. Gold +25 % enemies are represented with a black silhouette.

* Avantgarde / Contrarian

Creativity requires risk. Your weapon and talent are chosen random. Gold + 25 %

* literally

Nerd of the next generation. +50 % magical damage and +50 manacapacity. -30 % HP. Relics such as blessings of life and gnawed bone give additional Max HP based on Base HP before the 30 % punishment.

* cartographer

You have cards in your head. The card is uncovered, but they have no position marking. Gold +25 %

* charismatic

The success indicator No. 1. 15 % gold discount for all shop owners. The costs for ore or red ether are not reduced.

* Chronic fatigue

Sudden Siesta attack. All spells and talents have a cooldown. Gold +25 %


No pain, no frame of reference! Can't see your health. Gold +25 %

* Clownanthropy

You were bitten by a clown. 30 % less health, but you can do spin kick off terrain. Allows you to spin certain dangers without being damaged, such as B. static tips and the water in Axis Mundi.

* awkward

Like a bull in the porcelain shop. Or really some business. Objects break when touched. Objects are broken when you touch them. This has the advantage that they can go through Black Roots without damage, but has the disadvantage that the green platforms in Pishon Dry Lake are destroyed if they do not land on it.

* color blind

Color is not yet invented. You can't see colors. Gold +25 %

* combative

You are a fighter, not a plane. +50 % weapon damage, -30 % health. Relics such as blessings of life and gnawed bone give bonus-max-hp based on basic HP before the 30 %malus, which makes them particularly attractive with this property.

* Forced playing / lootbox more addicted

A world full of sharks, pigeons and whales. Only chests drop gold and chest fluctuations fluctuate wildly! Gold +25 % The gambling throw only affects the amount of gold that is dropped out of the chest; The gold bonus usually applies to all drops. Roll ranges from 2 % to 400 %.

* compulsive hamster

You never know when you need a backup. All relics are twin relics (if possible).

* paralyzing intellect

You are an arcane vertebrae. Low health, mana and weapon damage. Mana regenerates over time.

  • Dissatisfied

Spirit in matter. 25 % less health, but they can only be hit in the heart. Health -25 %. The HitBox from Heir is drastically reduced. Many dangers and projectile walls are completely avoided with this property. Especially the fireball and arrow walls of traps, SAW blades on the floor and the orange projectile wall, which is fired by Murmur.

* Diva

You are a star! Everyone gets a spotlight, but all eyes are aimed at you. Gold +50 %. The entire screen is black, but all enemies, projectiles and the player are illuminated by headlights. When a room is cleared by enemies, the audience applauds and the heir is showered with roses.

* Dyspraxie

The fine motor skills are its enemy. Objects fly! Gold +25 %

* Kleinwuchen

They are lovable. You are tiny. Gold +25 %. Erben and weapon hit boxes reduced drastically. Required to access a scar in Axis Mundi.

* ectomorph

You are more sticks than stones. Damage takes you far away. Gold +25 %

emotional * irregularity **

Overreaction, meeting on overkill. Mana costs and magic damage are increased by 100 %.

* Endomorph

You have a little belly! They hardly bitch together when they are hit by enemies.

* The exploding casket syndrome

Never do a complete seal. Enemies drop an explosive surprise. Gold +50 % enemies drop explosive potions after death. You will stay hurt.

* fmf-fan

You got a good taste. You are probably Korean. Gold +25 % This property is not a debuff despite the gold bonus.

* Fnd

Functional neurological disorder. You will be disarmed when you are stressed. Gold +50 %. Passion of damage is disarmed, which means that the player can neither attack nor use spells for 2 seconds.

* gigantism

They make other people unsure about their height. You are gigantic. Gold + 25 %. Erben and weapon hit boxes increased dramatically.

* hero complex

Your self -sacrifice is actually self -sabotage. 100 % more health, but you can never heal. Ideal to immediately challenge bosses at the beginning of a run.

* Histrionic

You are a two-top one. Numbers are exaggerated.

Hohl * Bone **

Float like a butterfly... and that's it. You are slowly falling. Great for barbarians and fighters, also works well with Blaze Bello.

* Hyperkoagulation

Youth spring ends sooner or later. HP regenerated, but they lose some Max HP if they are hit. Strong against powerful enemies like bosses.

* Hypergonadism

100 % naturally juicy. Enemies are beaten far away. Enemies are thrown away if they are damaged by melee attacks. Does not seem to have any effects on heavier enemy types or enemies with a permanent location.

* rds

Every day Taco-Tag. You fart a lot. Furz sometimes when jumping or falling.

* iib muscle fibers / high jumper

Reach the jumping power of a plumber. Stop [Jump] for the great jump. The heir is now jumping to a standard screen height while holding the jump button.

* Masochism

Joy out of pain. Get 50 % of your manas if you are hit, but you cannot win back mana by attacking. Good with the relic of cosmic insight.

* Methemoglobinemia / blue

Nice blue you. You are blue. The heir's skin color becomes blue.

* muscle weakness

Testosterone? Rather like testosterone none... Enemies barely twitch when they are hit. Gold +25 %

  • Nature

Stay true to yourself. They are they. You are a lovely lady. You are a cool guy. You like boys and girls! You are a fan of the man. You like the ladies. The selected description varies depending on the sex of the heir.

* nostalgic

Do you remember the good old days? Nap in the park, ice cream parlors and the plague. Everything is tinted old -fashioned. Gold +25 %

* Eccurrection / interruption

Obsessive crushing disorder. Mana restores the breakage of things.

* osteogenesis imperfecta / fragile

A shot, a chance. You die in one fell swoop. Gold +200 %. The inheritance only dies if it is actually damaged. Relics such as lotus tribe, Coeus tanks and the bargain of the jagged handle are ideal for this property.

* Schnuller

The season is over. -60 % health and you love to fight!

New Class Astromancer! | Rogue Legacy 2 Gold +150 %

* Pacific

Peace for profit. -60 % health and you cannot harm. Gold +150 % cannot cause any damage with a weapon or spin kick; Weapon can be used to return enemies. The lifting of a weapon from a curio shop transforms your property into pacifiers so that you can harm them while keeping the gold bonus.

* panic attacks

Making popcorn is a nightmare fuel. When they are hit, the screen darkens. Gold +50 %

* paranoid / exploding chest

It is not a paranoia if you are right. Chests drop an explosive surprise. Gold +25 %

* Perfectionist

There is only the first or the worst. Only Skill Crits and Spin Kicks cause damage. Gold +50 % The Relic Fate’s that still defeats enemies immediately, even with attacks that do not cause damage.

* Puritaner

Everything is indecent. Enemies are censored. Gold +25 %

* cave researcher

Degraded from a class to a property. -20 % HP, but you can see all the chests on the menu!

* super -liquid

You have null viscosity. -20 % health, but you can storm in any direction.

* Super IBS

Taco Blast Tuesday is every day. Your talent will be replaced by super tart. Super Fart releases a fur -twoke, which opponents inflicted burns for 3 seconds and throws the player up. 2 seconds of cooles. Great for rock stars.

* Synesthesia

The color of the movement. Everything leaves color. Gold +25% everything that moves leaves a color track that fades after a short time.

* Vampirism

They were bitten by a syringe. Get 20 % of your gun damage as health, but you suffer 125 % more damage.

  • Vegan

Meat is murder. It literally tries to kill you. Food hurts you. Gold +50 % health drops cause damage in the amount of the amount that they would normally heal. Armaments are still reducing the damage suffered.

  • Dizziness

Time to get the mirror. Everything is upside down. Gold +75 %

Unfortunately there is no real way to change the advantages that your heroes have before a run. If you unlock a new class, you have the opportunity to switch to it, which may newly pour out your properties, but there is only a limited number of classes that can be activated. If you need further help for Rogue Legacy 2, be sure to read our other instructions.

Rogue enclosure 2 is now available for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

Attack of the fanboy / captain / feature list from Rogue Legacy 2: All characteristics explained


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