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Vice Chairman Lee Jae -yong, Dutch Prime Minister Matches 'Semiconductor Cooperation Plan'

Lee Jae-yong, vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, met with Dutch Prime Minister Marc who met at the Prime Minister's office in Hague, the Netherlands. Lee is on his way to Europe on the 7th and is visiting Europe, including Germany and the Netherlands.

According to the business community on the 15th, Lee and Prime Minister Lee discussed comprehensive and strategic cooperation plans such as expanding cooperation to strengthen state-of-the-art foundry capacity and resolving the global semiconductor supply chain problem.

It has been six years since Lee Jae-yong met with the Dutch Prime Minister. In September 2016, Lee visited Korea's Prime Minister Luther, who directly guided Samsung Electronics' Exhibition 'Delight' and introduced Samsung's business status, major products, and core technologies.

The Netherlands is a country where related industrial ecosystems are well developed, from semiconductor research and development to design, equipment and electronic equipment.

Tin Lee met with Prime Minister Luther and discussed the supply of semiconductor EUV equipment. ASML, a Dutch company, supplies the world's only extreme infrared exposure equipment (EUV) equipment, which is an essential equipment for semiconductor micro processes. EUV equipment is only about 40 in the year last year, and TSMCs in Taiwan, including Samsung Electronics, are in fierce competition. In recent years, Intel has declared the foundry market reorganization and added to secure competition for EUV equipment.

Earlier, Lee visited ASML headquarters in October 2020 to meet with Peter Burningk's chief executive (CEO) to discuss related semiconductor equipment. In November of the same year, ASML executives visited Korea.

The industry expects this meeting to expand cooperation between Samsung and the Netherlands in other fields other than semiconductors. Rutter has also shown great interest in new industries based on innovation such as ICT, electric vehicles, and e-health. Prime Minister Luther also spoke with the presidential election in March and discussed the expansion of cooperation in the semiconductor and ICT fields between the two countries.

The diplomacy is regarded as a 'national diplomatic asset' of Lee's network. Lee's global network is not limited to businessmen, but is expanding to global political and related leaders.

Lee also interacts with global leaders such as US President Biden, former President Trump Obama/Bush, Prince Vinh Salman, Saudi Arabia, Van Jaid UAE, and Indian Prime Minister Modi.

Lee will return to Korea on the 18th after meeting strategic partners specialized in semiconductor equipment, electric vehicle batteries, and 5G mobile communications in Europe to discuss ways to strengthen cooperation.


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