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How to get brown poison in timesia

How In the sea of trees there are quite a lot of areas where players will have to go through a thick cloud of poison. You can simply come to terms with poison and get a large amount of damage to move to the other side, but this can lead to several deaths. The deviation will maintain health and quickly pass, but it is much better to destroy the source of poison. Players can do this even at a distance. Here's how to get through the brown poison in Timesia.

How to go through brown poison in Timaia

Players will face a poisonous fog in the first region of Timesia, sea of trees . The poison causes great damage when the player is completely exposed to it, and slows it off during passage. Evasion Through the poison, players will remove speed and will be able to quickly go through the poison. Players can use their talent glasses to get second doj to make this task much easier.

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how to get rid of brown poison in timesia

Large pustules are a source of poison in different areas of the game and can be destroyed to clean the air. By evasion with respect to them players can cause damage and get rid of them without any problems. Players can also destroy them at a distance using feathers after blocking them. As an alternative, you can use a combination by unlocking feather Dash . This allows players to throw Feather Dart, and then rush forward to their goal to get to the distance of near-battle. For most pustules, this will instantly close the gap, and you will need only two blows to destroy the pustule after a jerk.

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