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All the main differences between Pokemon and Digimons

Regardless of whether someone is fond of Pokémon or Digimon, it is very likely that they will hear another IP in passing. But no matter how similar these creatures and their environment, Pokémon and Digimon have their differences. If you want to try games from another conveyor, below are all the main differences that you need to know about.


There are more than 15 types of Pokémon, each with its strengths and weaknesses. For comparison, Digimon has only three main types: a vaccine, data and a virus that are strong and weak against each other. Some Digimon are free or do not belong to three types. Free Digimon are not strong and not weak against other creatures.


Digimon can only have three types, but their movements have elements: fire, water, plant, earth, electricity, wind, light and darkness. Some moves are neutral or not a single element is attached to them.

Digimon are stable or vulnerable to certain elements. This means that Digimon partners should take into account the element of the movements that they are going to use, as well as the attribute of their Digimon to determine the effectiveness of their attacks.


Pokémon is similar to animals. They are a natural part of the world in which coaches live. On the other hand, Digimon live in the space. They can exist in everything that has at least some relation to technology, from computers to telephone booths.

Most of Digimon storylines will include either supernatural events in the modern world, or fantastic adventures in the world that exists outside the computer.


The evolution of Pokémon is very simple-each species has its own evolutionary line. Some Pokémon may not have evolution and not be weaker from it.

The evolution of Digimon is like a tree with many branches. Each Digimon begins like a fresh Digimon (or a small Digimon). Then it will pass around five (or more) digivolutions to achieve the highest level of Dissolution. The type of Digimon in which these creatures can evolve is not fixed. Usually at the third level (beginner) there are three branches to choose from, and it will continue to branch depending on the species.

Because of this, some Digimon, such as Salmon and Patron, should evolve in the management two levels later.

Digimon, depending on the game, can return to the previous level if their partner wants it. Cyber Sleuth games are such. But there are also games such as Digimon World and Digimon Survive, in which Digimon forcibly returns to the level of beginner after battles or a certain number of moves.

Special Dissolution

Since Digimon are digital monsters, their data can really be combined or special changes can be undergoing. This allows them to turn into creatures that are outside their tree. The most common special type of dissolution is DNA Digimon, which includes the merger of two very specific types of Digimon.


Digimon can learn and remember more than four movements, unlike Pokémon in Pokémon games. The type of movements that they can learn depends on their type, attribute/type and element.

Digivoluton and other factors made Digimon games much more complex than Pokemon, which limited the input barrier. Players usually need to think about what characteristics, features and other genes they would like to preserve for their Digimon, and carefully think through their dissolution.


Nevertheless, this can also make Digimon games very attractive for people who are looking for additional tests. If you want to try the game Digimon, we strongly recommend cyber-mushroom series.

To obtain additional guidelines, news and lists, take a look at some of the other articles that we have here in Pro Game Guides. .


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