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[Fact Check] Was the controversial remarks from the game meeting?

The aftermath of the press conference held by the Game Water Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Game Committee) is not going to go. Despite being a meeting in a sensitive situation, the meeting was followed by various issues that were sufficiently unpleasant for users. Criticism of the game is not over.

However, it is difficult to convey clear information about what was the remarks in the field because it was a meeting that was over two hours and there was no official broadcast. Nevertheless, the contents of the user's community are summarized. Is this summary of the fact? In fact, if you say this, it will be a very serious situation.

The problem and controversy of the game is 1. Inadequate classification process, 2. Inadequate classification guidelines, 3. Additional rating systems such as meandering and sensationalism. 4. Discussions should be continued due to loopholes according to the old legal system and legal improvement. The perspective of the expansion interpretation does not help the solution of the game controversy.

As a result, the DIST IS game once again checked whether the scenes of the various 'problem remarks', which are currently spreading among gamers, were actually talked about based on the video taken in the real site. In addition, the fact checked the facts about the remarks, not to deliver a doctor through a separate interpretation or context.

In addition, the process of delivering the contents of the meeting was confirmed through the broadcast video of the Disney game. Although the intention of live broadcasting was to convey the contents as it was, the information was delivered to the abbreviation and some cited, unlike the actual intention. Therefore, as a provider of the primary source, it was necessary to check the exact facts of what was actually remarks.

※ As a matter of greening environment and equipment, the sound is uneven.

※ I have been delayed by cross-inspection of the original source of the issue and the conversation of more than 2 hours. Thank you for your understanding.

The contents of the remarks from the game press conference in the SNS and the community are as follows.

1. We are not a public institution.

2. We are not a copyright-related agency.

3. The slot machine is not a gambling game because the physical elements have been entered.

4. Blue archive is an adult game because it cannot be shown to middle school students.

5. The sloppy of octopus is reminiscent of sexual activity.

6. Gamers and society's eyes are different

7. There is no standard for description of sexual activity. If you create that standard, you will return to the Japanese colonial rule. It doesn't make sense to make these standards 5 cm above your knees.

8. Steam is porn.

9. I will be a committee for gamers. Therefore, monitoring will be composed of parents.

Controversy 1. We are not public institutions

Pet Check: Rumor has it that some have said that the game is not a public institution. However, it is not confirmed when you confirm the actual recording video and transcript.

In particular, the recording using the wording of public institutions was heard in a number of timelines, not a specific part of the video, and thus re-entered the entire recorded video. The transcript of the situation that the word of public institutions came out is as follows.

The personnel and budget of public institutions must be talked with the ministries, the Ministry of Land, and the National Assembly. We are asking for manpower.

Efficiently spending taxes are also the role of public institutions.

However, there is a mention of the game content classification committee (GCRB) among the total transcripts. If the wording is moved as follows, the following is as follows.

Arcade and youth use are currently in charge of the game committee, and general games are in charge of private institutions as a content grade classification committee.

※ The Game Rating Committee is a public institution, and the game content classification committee is a private institution.

Controversy remarks 2. Slot machine is not a gambling game because the physical element has entered.

Controversy 3. We are not a copyright-related agency.

Fact Check: There was a wording: slot machine, sea story, sea god, and user skills. To move the remarks as follows. There was no such thing in the actual practitioners, and the results were only due to user skills.

You can listen to the remarks from the video below.

However, this is a big problem with the explanation method of the game. Preliminary information such as understanding the difference between the grade version of the arcade game and the sales version (illegal renovation operation), , , and what the slot machine is, and how the law is. In the absence of a state, it was emphasized that Sea Sin 2 passed through the game by skill.

The remarks were actually related to copyright. In fact, even legally, the Game Committee is an institution that cancel the rating of the infringed game, not the agency that judges copyright infringement. The wording is as follows.

If the company relates to copyrights in the future, if the company is clearly interpreted as legally interpreted, it can be canceled in accordance with paragraph 22 (4)... (omitted) The actual wording and context can be found in the video below.

Controversy 4. Blue Archive is an adult game because it cannot be shown to middle school students.

Controversy 5. The sloppy of octopus is reminiscent of sexual activity.

Fact Check: In the context, it was not the same.

4 remarks, Do you think this can be seen in middle school students? Wording came out, but it was not a story about the Blue Archive issue. (The wording came from issue 6.)

In the case of Blue Archive, the Game Committee received complaints related to sensationalism from mid-August 2022, and were selected as subject to youth through the 14th Subcommittee on September 1, 2022. At the committee meeting on October 27, he finally explained that he had finally decided to divide the grade.

In this process, there were five mentions of controversy. The actual statement is, The expression that creatures are trying to eat themselves because they are attached to the lower body. The description of sexual acts... There is a part of the ambassador because of the wet and slimy. This is a representative part of the controversy over the sensational standards of the game committee.

The controversy over the division of the relevant authority is a matter of selection. It is the reason for not being able to use youth just by simply doing not described and simply suggesting associations. In fact, the Game Committee heard the appropriate description between 'teachers and students' for reclassification.

The explanation of the reason why the Blue Archive, which was revealed by the Game Committee, is not available for youth, can be checked in the following video.

Controversy 6. Gamers and society's eyes are different

Fact Check: It is known as the most controversial wording. Checking the actual wording itself is the gamer's eye level and social gaze.

It is a case of citing social eyes as a member of society. It is likely that the social broadcasting is not good, and it is likely to have heard social people as a member of society. Of course, it is enough to interpret it differently for each person who distinguishes it from gamers and members of society or whether it is distinguishing between gamers' and social perspectives.

However, the Game Committee said in the information distributed after the meeting, as follows. This is also released as it is. In addition, the controversial remarks 4, The middle school students cannot be seen, are not available for youth, and the context of these remarks can be found in these remarks.

[Provincial Province] Game Water Management Committee announced a plan to strengthen game users' communication

At 11 o'clock on November 10 (Thursday), at the Game Management Committee's press conference, 1. Mentioned 1. Mentioned 1. Steam Platform, 2. Game users' perspectives and social perspectives.

1. It is not a problem with all the games distributed in the steam, but the intention is that some inappropriate games are being distributed, and the committee makes the maximum effort to be designated as a domestic private class classification company. I would like to tell you that it is the original intention to be done at the press conference.

In addition, the mention that there is a difference between the game users 'view and social perspective is that the number of Korean game users has increased more than the past, and the game is popularized in the past, but contrary to the understanding of game users' games, other fields of our society. It is a mention of the intention that there is a difference in understanding of the game.

In the future, the committee will also work hard to make sure that the game can be improved in other areas of our society and in other areas of our society.

The exact wording came from the following questions and answers.

Q. The rating classification criteria among the users are arbitrarily interpreted. I wonder if you admit it. Secondly, I am wondering if there are any intention of modifying the current rating category itself. There are some views that are too conservative among users, but I would appreciate what you think about it.

Chairman Kim Kyu-cheol: I heard a lot of stories. We are conservative… More progressive. So in fact, before I came here, I had been the GCRB (Game Content Classification Committee) for seven years. There are under 15 years of age (classification of a user), and there are parent meetings. There is a solidarity in our country. These people do a lot of complaints. Why did you give me a whole user?

There are some e-mails to us, and I meet some people who come to me and raise some kids. I also have a sympathy from the standpoint of raising children. (To them) explain. Why is this game a full use? What's different from other games?

I also heard that it is an arbitrary interpretation. In fact, I have been worried a lot recently. Anyway, I teach the game at school and make a game with kids. Also participate in game development for twenty years. I think it's changing a lot about the game of the game.

But now arbitrary interpretation. In fact, I have searched the data for a long time. From the sensationalism we mentioned in the game method, to the violent violence these things from the entire use price to Chernobyl for the law. Yes. 'There is no subjectivity' Then who is really objective? I can't answer. So if you do it as an arbitrary enemy. This is especially unfortunate. I was told that I had no professionalism, so I honestly had been here for a few years. I'm out of power.

Because of the game method, IT experts and culture and arts experts are available. They never made a game. There are many people who are hard to explain about the game. I am one of those who believe that their norms and common sense can be properly standard on our game.

In fact, if you call a game development for more than 10 years, it's as much as you can. However, if you have been developing the game, you will not be able to use it as an enemy when you develop a game. Even if you make a graduation work with your students, there's something wrong with your plan. So I understand.

Probably at this meeting. Other lawmakers are also school teachers, so I understand this from this point of view and explain. That's an arbitrary view. Some other people are conservative if there is a member of the women's organization.

Do you think this can be seen in middle school students? Then it's hard to answer… The minutes of our meeting are recorded. There are some people who persuade and oppose the committee to disclose the minutes of the meeting today. It may be.

However, some of the things we have made mistakes. In addition, he thinks that our Game Management Committee is doing it with its own reward. Anyway, the word arbitrary interpretation is still worried. Is that right? I can't agree.

Kim Jin-seok: I will explain additionally. In some cases, the Game Rating Committee has been classified since October 2006. There were about 4,000 cases every year. Arcades or games. At that time, I did the entire grade (classification). Then, in 4,000 cases every year, there will be 40,000 cases in 10 years.

Then, when the rating classification regulations come out with the 40,000 case, there are so many rating as a sample, so I mentioned earlier, but 99% of the classification criteria are in line with our classification criteria. However, there are games on the boundary of the real rating, just like the current game. That's a gap in the eye level of gamers and the eye level of social standards.

It exists… Yes. But to narrow it. Now, the researchers and teams are trying to make a very effort. So you have to persuade it, and you have to persuade the other side, not this.

More than 90% of games are being combined by some existing criteria. If you understand that, I will explain it complex.

Controversy 7. There is no standard for description of sexual activity. If you create that standard, you will return to the Japanese colonial rule. It doesn't make sense to make these standards 5 cm above your knees.

Fact Check: The remarks itself can be seen. The understanding of the context could be different depending on the listener, and the full text was moved.

Q. I know that ARC, which I said earlier, is an overseas standard. I think it's a problem to think that this is 'no'.

A. Chairman Kim Kyu-cheol: Perhaps the remaining arcade and 'Chernobyl' remain now, because the arcade usually has a machine. It is not impossible (education).

But 'Chernobyl'… As we explained earlier, only about 0.01% of our country distributed (dealing with), and then there are about 36 ARC questionnaire. I don't know if you have seen it, but I ask quite detailed.

So, checking the wrong items in the ARC) may be a mistake of the person who wrote there, or for the developer who actually makes the game naturally. This much… I don't want to think about it intentionally because I saw a lot of such cases.

Someone before a few cm on the knee. One of the executives I developed a game company a while ago and talked about a 40-minute ph1. Leave everything else. For example, violence is of course Chernobyl if you fry the headshot blood in the fortress shooting game. But if that's just a lot of these days.

What if it is white, not blood? It started with it, and I had a problem with this 'meandering'. There is something called 'sexual acts'. What is sexual acts? So I don't know the meaning of the imitation. (I talked about the standards) In fact, I hung up with that friend and talked about 40 minutes. My heart is not pierced. I can't persuade this friend.

Anyway, this is better if this is a bit more clear. This part is like this, 5 cm above my knee… Or if that's what the standard is like that. Perhaps more people say that this has returned to the Japanese colonial rule. So we say. Still, there is also a sexual mock that is a bit depressed. (It's hard to create a clear standard) That's what we're worried about.

Controversy 8. Steam is porn.

Fact Check: There was no controversy. To be precise, there was a statement that 'Steam is a headache' and 'Steam has a porn level game', but Steam is porn. The article that has already been reported has been summarized, but the original text was moved as much as possible to check the facts. Therefore, it can be read that the remarks have not been somewhat organized.

Q. In the case of Steam, it is difficult to regulate it because it has a server abroad, and in the last national sentiment (Kim Kyu-cheol, Chairman Kim Kyu-cheol) said with the word 'headache'. A few days later, there was a story that 'adult games' that were in Steam were also blocked, and there was a story that such matters were in progress. I think there will be a backlash. What do you think about that? I wonder.

A. Chairman Kim Kyu-cheol: Do you know that platform? I don't know if I wrote that, but I checked the transcript later. It's not a headache, but it's not comfortable.

Because… Let's go in here. In particular, in recent years, we now have almost this porn level when we follow up.

This is different from this area… I don't know if I'm a little older, but I used to be 2D games before. It's a bit of a finger. Also, . I'm scolded by my wife and I go to that office all night. It's so old, but I understand the game with users (these days). I'm not quite moral... It's disgusting.

But now we always send a cooperative letter. Because it doesn't fit our regulations. The friends are also foreign, so we control. No, what can be managed?

But these things are usually a week… Last week, I would like to ask you not to do more than 100 services on the site. Then again, it will be blocked from Steam. So resentment comes to us (from users). Why did you ask you to stop the service?

But I can't just leave it in Korea. So in that sense, I probably said that.

Kim Jin-seok: What are the contents of the service that you are talking about? Porn-level games are on steam, which is for domestic users.

Kim Bamboo, Head of Voluntary Support Division: For the number of games that are not classified, but can be distributed in Korea, they have a grade classification system. Then most of the operators are accepting and entering the classification system.

As the reporter said recently. Recently, local restrictions are equivalent to pornography games that are not distributed in Korea, which corresponds to the game law 32 (2) 3. This is the domestic law, so we will ask Steam to the game company. Then, I would appreciate it if the company judged its own violations of domestic law, and understood that it had entered the regional restrictions.


Controversy 9. I will be a committee for gamers. Therefore, monitoring will be composed of parents.

Fact Check: The monitoring commissioner will consist of parents. '

Mentioned in the hiring of monitoring commissioners, the game committee currently operates more than 230 monitoring teams. They are composed of 30 people's 'Youth Monitoring Group', the center of IT and game-related departments, and 200 part-time job monitoring groups including career-breaking women and parents.

However, it is said that it is planning to promote professional manpower by preferential career in the game industry, including students in the future.


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