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Odin Svartalfheim God of War Runs Ravens: Where to find everyone in this kingdom?

God of War Ragnarök will introduce you to small hunting, with large blows of legendary ax throws. The main hunt of collectibles in the game is to kill the 48 trawlers of Odin .

Of these 48 spies crows, 13 are located in Waldheim , the famous kingdom of dwarves. In this guide you will see the location of each of the crows in Waldheim with images.

Odin Crows in Waldheim

This kingdom includes many crows that were inaccessible on its first visit. There is no need to worry about seeking exotic problems or methods. You will have the opportunity to kill them easily later in history, after getting show the spear.

Wet Zone Arranger

  • A single crow, right on the left of the entrance, on a rock.


  • Room on the edge of the roof of a house in the city of dwarfs.


  • A single crow, flying above the area. It will take a certain effort to hit the time of the attack.

Tower Raising

  • The first crow is on the edge of the area, perched on the crane hook.

Tower Although

  • The crow is hidden between the beams, behind boards, in the eye height.

Longhair Island

  • A crow sits in a rocky outcrop at a great distance in the right flank of the whale/island. But it is impossible to reach at the beginning , it will be necessary to return much later with show the spear.

Alberio Island

This section and its two crows are only accessible once in possession of the show spear, obtained much later in history.

  • The first crow flies to the left of the island after using the hook points north with its new weapon.

  • The second can be reached from the interior of the small island, there is a hole in the cliff. Trying Sniper from afar on the other side is useless.

Alberio Abyss

This area cannot be achieved without show the spear, obtained much later in history.

God Crow is by the road, knocking it through the new secret area.


  • The first crow is on its way, you must hear it and find it easily.

  • You initially cross the area between two tram passages. The second part of this area is blocked until the story takes it there with Book, much later. The Second Crow is then landed on the cliff to the left of the forge. You can not lose.

Open Mines of Jasmina

  • The crow simply flies over the artificial lake in the middle of the quarry. Hit it from the top is complicated, but it is quiet to hit the ax when it is at the lowest levels of the place.

The apple core

  • In an alcove, a little at the top of the mine.

How to find and kill crows?

You should be able to find most crows without assistance for various reasons. In fact, each kingdom lists the total number of crows it contains, and each region lists its number of crows individually.

This means that by displaying the map, you can easily see how many crows are in the area. Thus preventing you from looking for even a madman in empty areas.

  • Crows are neon greens, are often easily seen. However, it will be necessary to show skill and a little time to kill those who steal. If you have no patience to aim at the flying crows, Show the spear, obtained later in the game, will allow you to throw them easily.
  • However, many crows are hidden behind obstacles or protrusions, making it difficult to see them unless you look at the right place and from the right angle. But a track will help you: the characteristic noise of the crows. All of them emit grenades laments, which you can hear in the area. So all you have to do is look everywhere. If, despite your efforts, you can't find the crow, you go a little in the area, as it will often be visible from another position.
  • Finally, some crows cannot be killed immediately, this is normal. You will have to go back to the area later, when the story has advanced to open the ticket, or with new tools, such as Show the spear.


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