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Biathlon - German biathletes disappoint in triple victory in Norway


This article will cover the biathlon, a winter sport in which participants use a rifle to shoot at short, medium and long distances.

Biathlete Benedict Doll has not been able to refine his good starting position in the pursuer of Annecy-Le Grand Born and After his 3rd location in the sprint in the little reduced hunting race, the 32-year-old fell to 18th location after 5 errors The finest of the general disappointing German team was Roman Sees, who ran forward from 27th to 13th location In front, Stella Hold Lachlan led a Norwegian triple success in 29: 44.1 minutes after an error in 29: 44.1 minutes Boss Johannes Thingies BO (2 penalty rounds/ +35.8 seconds) had to be satisfied with 3rd place after 5 wins in series behind Title Shasta Christiansen (2/ +24.6) Justus Strew (2/ +3: 05.8) in position 25 and Johannes Kuhn (2/ +3: 26.2) as 32. Had the ability to improve somewhat compared to the sprint The race had begun with a 15-minute delay due to problems with the route preparation After a late temperature fall, the cross-country ski run pertained to the night of an ice ramp, reported DSV sports director Felix Bitter ling in the ARD In the short-term, salt was spread on the route to increase the grip An increase with the following departure might not be run for security factors, the planned round was shortened by a good 400 meters The men end their year on Sunday (12.10 p.m./ ARD and Eurosport) with the very first mass start of winter Biathlon: Persecution of males in Annecy-Top 10 | | ---|---|--- Square | Call | Time/deficit 1 | Stella Hold Agreed | 29: 44.10 2 | Title Shasta Christiansen | + 24.60 3 | Johannes Thingies BO | + 35.80 4 | Fabien Claude | + 43.70 5 | Filip Field Andersen | + 54.10 6 | Sebastian Samuelson | + 1: 03.60 7 | Quentin Dillon Millet | + 1: 10.70 8 | Antonin Guigonnat | + 1: 13.40 9 | Tomato Giacomo | + 1:15 p.m 10 | Artem Pryma | + 1: 21.20

Biathlon: Persecution of men in Annecy in the live ticker for reading

Goodbye! We say goodbye to the men's race in Annecy It continues in a few hours, at 2:15 p.m., with the pursuer of women We'll return on time with all the information! Little in there for OSV duo: The two Austrian starters returned to the race after they lost a great deal of time on the route Felix Later finishes the pursuer in 26th place At David Tomato, the chaser went back to 44th place after the sprint in the pursuer Stalker leads Swiss: Sebastian Stalker lost his place in the last round in the last round, however can look at the competition with 14th location It likewise moved forward for Josh Burkhart, who ended his race in 23rd place after an error Jeremy Finally made 6 mistakes on the shooting variety, but showed up remarkably well with the icy conditions and set the fastest term that brought him 29th place Seraphic Wrestler was 54 after four errors Doll is washed back: aggravation predominates at Benedict Doll With an overall of five shooting errors, he needed to be fitted with 18th location It went better for Roman Sees, who came forward with an error from 27th place after the sprint to 13th location Justus Strew became 25 with 2 mistakes. Johannes Kuhn also made two errors, for whom the pursuer ended 32nd David Nobel was there resting, but then shot a great deal of errors and became 38. Philipp Horn, nevertheless, lost the race resting After four mistakes in the very first two shooting, no more was possible than the 49th location Norwegians commemorate the triple victory: Stella Hold Agreed is cheering over the goal and can commemorate the first win of the season after a top performance One likewise speaks behind it in Norwegian Title Shasta Christiansen is second ahead of Johannes Thingies BO, who takes third location in front of the French Fabien Claude Agreed can currently celebrate: Stella Hold Agreed is on the last meters and can currently celebrate Nobody will be able to take his very first location any longer The cause the very first rival is big enough Christiansen is on: Title Shasta Christiansen is currently on Johannes Thingies BO and goes previous his teammate without any major problems, in which something does not match today Be it material or physical forces Stalker in the top 10: Sebastian Stalker can take a look at an excellent race The Swiss hits all the windows in the last shooting and goes to the last rounds as a great tenth Roman Sees was likewise able to improve For the DSV starter, it moves forward to 14th location after he can also strike all the windows once again Benedict Doll, on the other hand, needs to be categorized in position 17

3 Norwegians in front: Johannes Thingies BO meets all the windows once again throughout the last check-out to the shooting variety and takes second place behind Agreed 25 seconds separate it from the leading one Christiane follows ten seconds behind Can he still snap BO? Claude has 22 deficit to the podium It appears like a Norwegian matter The last shooting: Title Shasta Christiansen pertains to his last shooting and now the high speed appears to be penalized! He books 2 penalty rounds A chance that Stella Hold Agreed does not take He shoots out the cartridges really quickly, strikes everything and goes to the last round as a leading one He clenches his fist due to the fact that he understands that he already has his hand on triumph Claude reduces: Something appears to fit today with Johannes Thingies BO Due To The Fact That Fabien Claude is presently doing so well on the otherwise strong Norwegian He still lacks 3rd place for 14 seconds Christiansen enormously quickly: Title Shasta Christiansen seems to be perfect He turns up again and enlarges the result in Agreed, however also towards Johannes Thingies BO, who is surprisingly losing a lot on the path today Claude the first pursuer: The very first pursuer of the 3 Norwegians is Fabien Claude from the French group It takes a long time for the next competitor to come Like Samuelson, Pryma has 1:07 minutes behind Sebastian Stalker is great once again Even in the 3rd shooting, it remains flawless and enhances to twelfth location At Benedict Doll, however, it was hailing 2 slices stop, and it returns to 15th location Roman Sees has actually improved to 16th place The other DSV athletes are beyond the top 20. Little is going on by the Austrians Later lost the ground once again with another mistake The very first standing stop: Stella Hold Agreed is on the standing stop and leaves the door open with an error Who can utilize this now? Johannes Thingies BO not! It also has to circle Title Shasta Christiansen, on the other hand, strikes He hits everything once again and now takes the lead It depends on front of Agreed for 1.8 seconds BO has 18.9 seconds behind the third shoot Christiansen continues to put pressure on: Title Shasta Christiansen continues to put pressure on the path and has actually further minimized his space He is still missing for Language 22 seconds, in the instructions of BOS it is twelve seconds behind Strew comprises flooring well: Justus Strew strikes whatever and can therefore work forward once again He is right behind teammate Johannes Kuhn A couple of seconds prior to them, Felix Later is back on the track, who had left a slice in the second shooting Once again charge for Doll: irritating! Benedict Doll can not use the mistakes of some direct rivals and after another penalty round he continues to waste time towards the leading individuals Roman Sees, who is now 18, has remained once again David Nobel also stays again without mistakes The Swiss Stalker likewise went really well He enhances and keeps the white vest to 14th place Agreed on the 2nd shooting: Stella Hold Agreed bangs the cartridges in the second lying attack, and with a perfect efficiency he can hold his leadership Johannes Thingies BO, however, is easily not shaken up and remains tuned with five objectives In 3rd location is likewise a Norwegian with Christiansen With a when again perfect shooting, Agreed is practically 34 seconds Horn far back: It was not so round for the first shooting for Philipp Horn After he had actually left three pieces, he went back to 51st place Agreed at a good speed: Agreed does not make it so simple for his colleague and keeps the pace really high Quickly before the next shooting, 3.1 seconds are in between him and BO Doll is still seventh, Nobel and Sees run together with the OSV athlete Later around 20th place Norwegian duo: Johannes Thingies BO has practically run his space towards Agreed on the path There are still 2.7 seconds in between the two competitors Title Shasta Christiansen has also presented a good pace It is 39 seconds behind in three Doll is still seventh

Doll needs to be rounded: Benedict Doll was currently shooting at his first, but has a spring It needs to circle therefore some competitors slide past him Timothy Lap shin is the new 3rd A little group from Christiansen, Fabien Claude and Kramer follows seven seconds behind At Stalker there is no and a couple of locations move forward With the Austrian Later and the DSV professional athletes Nobel and Sees, all windows fall Agreed takes control of: Johannes Thingies BO comes to his very first shooting and puts her on the mat The very first shot is sitting, but the last cartridge does not discover its goal Stella Hold Agreed can not miss this chance! He hits everything and takes the lead in front of BO The very first groups: behind the leading 10, some groups have actually currently formed on the first kilometers Later, Stalker and Horn and Nobel are on the road in a relatively large group Doll loses the ground: Benedict Doll lost a few seconds towards the 2 Norwegians in the race on the very first meters in the race Agreed also left a bit of a colleague, but only a great two seconds Now it is fast: If the distances were still reasonably big at the front, things are going truly quickly and the athletes are going on the track at brief intervals Some bigger groups are most likely to form here Doll is on the roadway: Benedict Doll is already on the roadway and will try to put the tip under pressure With 1:34 minutes behind the first OSV starter will go on the track with Felix Later Here we go! Johannes Thingies BO is the very first athlete and will now try to keep his first position Teammate Stella Hold Agreed will follow 18 seconds after him In the Norwegian battle, the reducing of the route advantages him, since this makes shooting even more essential

Biathlon: Persecution of the males in Annecy today in the LiveTicker-before start

Prior to the start: After the hold-up, it can begin soon with the pursuer in Annecy! The very first athletes get ready at the start Prior to the start: the route is reduced! There is currently new details from the race management After the start time was at first moved to the back due to a distance that is too icy, a change now follows in the length of the route It is shortened by about 200 meters and a boost is excluded On the other hand, ice was worked on the icy descents and curves Nonetheless, it will be called athletes to run fully concentrated in the vital places Before the start: In the Austrian group, just 2 professional athletes handled to get approved for today's pursuer Felix Later has an excellent beginning point and will go on the track with 1:34 minutes behind David Tomato is currently 37th of the sprint with 2:10 minutes behind to the leading one Before the start: Niklas Harte has been reviewing a more than effective season and the Swiss also had a great chance for today's pursuer Now a cold tosses him back Harte will do without the other competitors in France This likes the Swiss hopes of Sebastian Stalker As the 20th of the sprint, he takes 1:37 minutes behind Josh Burkhart is currently 1:59 minutes ago Seraphic Wrestler (54, +2: 51) and Jeremy Finally (56, +2: 52) are having a hard time to get into the points Before the start: start back! The IBM is currently informing that the pursuit of the pursuer has actually been delayed by 15 minutes You wish to start at 12:25 p.m Prior to the start: While Doll has a great beginning point for the persecution race, it should be harder for the other DSV ski hunters to get the podium out Philipp Horn (19) takes 1:36 minutes on the track With David Nobel (22) it is 1:38 minutes behind It might definitely work in the direction of top ten Roman Sees (27, +1: 49), Johannes Kuhn (34, +2: 01) and Justus Strew (45, 2:37) complete the German team in the pursuer Before the start: Benedict Doll is also in a great starting point for the pursuer For him, third location came out on Thursday, and he took 39 seconds to the top for the 12.5 kilometers Doll takes 13 seconds ahead of the Sweden Martin Ponsiluoma Timothy Lap shin starts 4th in the race The French hope for Fabien Claude (7) and Quentin Dillon Millet (8) Before the start: Johannes Thingies BO remains the professional athlete in the sprint this season, which needs to be beat BO dominated the race on Thursday and secured success after a quick term and confident shooting His biggest competitor for today's pursuer is team-mate Stella Hold Agreed, who will take the race behind BO for 18 seconds

Prior to the start: Today's persecution is the 2nd race as part of the World Cup in Annecy (Le Grand Born and) On Thursday, the biathletes were currently in usage for the sprint, which from a German viewpoint ended with a good outcome at least in terms of a runner Benedict Doll raced in 3rd place The next German, Philipp Horn, ended the race in 19th place Before the start: The race begins at 12.10 p.m Before the start: hello and welcome to the persecution of the males in Annecy (France)

Biathlon: Persecution of men in Annecy today on television and Livestream

If you wish to follow the persecution of the males live today, you have a number of options In the Free television, for instance, it can be seen in the ARD Eurosport, on the other hand, utilizes its Pay television station Eurosport 2 As far as the transfer in the live stream is worried, both ARD and Eurosport are accountable The ARD's livestream can be discovered complimentary of charge at, the Eurosport, on the other hand, is chargeable DAZN also provides a live stream, this needs a subscription that costs 29.99 euros monthly and 274.99 euros in the year

Biathlon: The World Cup in Annecy

Date | Start | discipline ---|---|--- 15.12.2022 (Thu) | 14: 10 | Sprint men 10 km 16.12.2022 (FR) | 14: 15 | Sprint females 7.5 km 17.12.2022 (SA) | 12: 10 | Persecution guys 12.5 km 17.12.2022 (SA) | 14: 15 | Persecution ladies 10 km 18.12.2022 (Sun) | 12: 10 | Mass start males 15 km 18.12.2022 (Sun) | 14: 15 | Mass start females 12.5 km

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