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The Best Black Pearl Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom

Black Pearl cookies are a cookie run: a heartless ruler of the kingdom, ruling the sea of twilight darkness, a bottomless kingdom filled with insults. She is also the legendary cooking cook, which takes the middle position in your team. The black pearl is known for its high basic characteristics, high explosive damage and incredible usefulness as a buffer.

The best assembly of fillings for Black Pearl Cookie in CRK

Since the black pearl cookie in most cases relies on its skills, we recommend using the full chocolate set of SWIFT to reduce reloading, but you need to be lucky and strengthen its bonus statistics on the resistance of the damage. For a safer and more reliable assembly, select a full solid almond set and strive for both resistance to damage and bonus statistics on reducing recovery time. Some ATK will also benefit her release DPS.

Best Black Pearl cookies in CRK

Black pearl cookies can benefit from the treasures that increase ATC and reduce recovery time, so consider using the scroll of the old pilgrim and the soft jelly clock. Your third treasure will depend on the game mode and the team you play. A shining feather of sugar swan is a great option for the arena, and a gloomy braid is great for increasing DPS.

Information about the skill of black pearl cookies in cookie run: Kingdom

The lord of twilight darkness: dives into the abyss and takes its true shape, creating a vortex storm that causes periodic damage and delaying even enemies resistant to interruptions. Enemies, frightened by gigantic dimensions of cookies, suffer from the horror of the abyss. If the horror of the abyss is dissipated, the target will be inflicted true damage, proportional to the maximum HP target. As the lord of the abyss, the black pearl cookie is resistant to all the effects of fear (the maximum amount of damage, proportional to the HP target, is 300,000). Skills specifications: Cool: 15 seconds Lightning Damage: 240.8 percent (+3.28 percent per level) whirlpool: 10 beats in 2 seconds Damage from one blow is proportional to Max.


HP: Against cookie files: 6.3% Against other enemies: 13.8% Bypass of the gearbox Lightning and Whirlpool DMG: 40 percent Healing received:-35.0% per 10 seconds The horror of the abyss of Rebuff: the speed of attack is 20 percent, the speed of movement is 20 percent, the speed of attack is 14.5 percent per 15 seconds. The horror of the abyss is additional damage: Against cookie files: 9.5% Against other enemies: 13.8% Check out our assembly guidelines for the best cookies for cookies from pine cones in Cookie Run Kingdom here in Pro Game Guides to create your perfect team.


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