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Get the Best Talents First: Unlocking the Talent System in Hogwarts Legacy

Talents in Hogwarts Legacy are equivalent to skills. After unlocking the talent system, players can invest talent glasses in various aspects of magic to change the behavior of their spells or the strength of their magical tools. Due to the limited number of talent points available, you need to make sure that you invest them in order to get the best talents of Hogwarts's heritage, and not what you will rarely use.

How do talent trees work?

In total, Hogwarts Legacy has five different talent trees from which you can choose to unlock different talents. Do not rush to open new talents as soon as you earn talent glasses. Excellent spell options are available, so you can ultimately spend a talent point on a weaker spell, such as Intended, when you can save a point for covering.

Main talents

The main talents are basic talents that directly affect your main abilities. These talents enhance the physical and magical aspects of your character. Your HP, your magic strip, your magical power-all this is directly controlled by these main talents.


Talents of spells

As the name can be seen, the talents of spells increase the effectiveness of your spells. Investing in a spell talent tree can make all your spells more reliable and powerful.

Room requirements

Talents of the requirements' room improve your abilities in the requirements room. You make potions in the room of the requirements, which means that this talent tree is associated with an increase in the effectiveness of your potions. A tree of skills also allows you to create potions with smaller resources and enhances their effects.

Talent of Dark Arts

Talents of dark arts are dealing with your curses and attacking spells. All your favorite spells, such as expeliarmus and Friend, come from Dark Arts talents. These talents provide you with the main attacking spells in the game.

Talents of secrecy

The Talent of Talents Secretary is the smallest tree of talents of all. Spells and skills that you study from the Talent of Talents Stretch help you hide your presence from enemies and others, including you become invisible and make it difficult to detect enemies.

The best talents that need to be unlocked first in the Ho tarts Heritage

In total, 34 talents can be obtained in Hogwarts Legacy, starting from the 5th level and up to the maximum level of the 40th level. The best way to divide talents is to evenly distribute them in all trees. Keep in mind that in Hogwarts Legacy there is no way to reset talents, so if there is a support spell that you do not like to use, do not put glasses into it. Below we have provided a selection of some of the best talents that can be unlocked at the beginning of Hogwarts's Heritage to help you form your military builds.

Basic skill of actors

For some reason, all your spells have rundowns, although your main work as a wizard is to apply spells one after another. Nevertheless, the time for the restoration of your spells can be tremendous pain. So, our first talent is the one that reduces the restoration time of your spells.

Knowledge of spells

Again, although your entire academic career depends on magic, you can use only a limited number of spells. Investing in the talent of Knowledge of spells allows you to retain more spells, between which you can switch at your discretion. This talent has three levels, and each improvement gives you an additional slot for magic.


Wiggenweld Potency increases the effectiveness of your therapeutic potions.

It increases the number of HP restored and the speed with which you restore your health. This is ideal for starting the game when you do not have a significant stock of health and when you begin to fight with stronger enemies at the end of the game.

stupefying examination

Stupefy Expertise allows you to cause direct damage to any enemy you are fighting, and even stun it for a short time.

Demitasse of a person

One of the problems that you encounter when using secretive spells is that your speed of movement is reduced, and you can no longer just run around and run away from danger. This talent allows you to freely run after using the Disillusionment spell.

CENTERS of secrecy

The talent of Feeling of Secrets prevents the enemies of finding you. You can squat and walk on tiptoe, and it will be much easier for you to steal unnoticed.

Cursing of the sapper

Healing in the middle of the battle with the help of potions can be a little risky, or you may even end with potions. Curse Sapper talent will make your character heal whenever you win the enemy, which can be extremely useful when you fight several enemies.

Indio skill

Intended Mastery improves your Intended spell. Although the spell is useless, its talent for skill will help you increase the range and increase its effectiveness.

Mastery Bombard

The bombard spell allows you to throw an explosive spell, and its talent for skill allows you to hit several goals at the same time, providing a powerful AOE effect for the spell.

Mastery Arvada Cedar

The famous spell of the one who is not called, the talent of Arvada Cedar Mastery allows you to instantly kill all the enemies that you cursed during the battle.

oscillation Actor

The action spell is the simplest, but the most universal. The talent of skill allows you to improve and strengthen the action spells, allowing you to prevail in battles with strong and armored enemies.


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